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After two great weeks sipping (and of course comparing) cocktails by the pool at the Delano Hotel, I was heading home on a reputable airline (named after a type of mixed drink, oddly) to excitably inform my colleagues in London that, yes, we really were making inroads--the scene in Miami wasn't a million miles away from where we were aiming to position our own industry.
Part Two begins excitingly and also a touch excitably with an essay by J.
Well-suited to the Lodi and lower San Joaquin Valley area, it was rather excitably named by Marshal as the WINKLER in honor of his friend and mentor, that wonderful U.
We have introduced him to other dogs and he greets them like he does most things in life, very excitably.
Whether teetering excitably in figure-hugging silk and peep-toed slingbacks, lying inconsolable in just her slip or, hilariously panic-struck, struggling in and out of a corset, Wanamaker exuberantly fills the role to the right side of bursting point.