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Gas Turbine Controls has positioned itself as a premier technology supplier of replacement parts, repairs, training and field services for all versions of General Electric power plant controls systems, focusing largely on the Speedtronic and Excitation series.
Brzezihski, A.: 1994, Polar motion excitation by variations of the effective angular momentum function: II.
Various control approaches have been used to detect the excitation current in case of the variable reactive power required [6, 9, 12-21].
Textile electrodes cover a larger area of the muscle to surface EMG and thus, muscle excitation of whole muscle groups rather than individual muscles are obtained.
Generally, the excitation winding is closed at the start time on a discharge active resistance with a value that is (5-10) times more than its own resistance r, less frequently short-circuit.
Their lux-ampere characteristics (dependencies of the conduction current [I.sub.X]-[i.sub.XRC]; the luminescence intensity of the different luminescence bands [I.sub.X]-[J.sub.630] and [I.sub.X]-[J.sub.970] on the intensity of X-ray excitation [I.sub.X]); the dose dependencies of phosphorescence (P) and current relaxation (CR) at the excitation temperatures of 8, 85, 295, and 420 K were investigated.
Belin et al., "High-sensitivity fluorescence spectroscopy of Mediterranean waters using a conventional or a pulsed laser excitation source," Marine Chemistry, vol.
Different lubricant oils used in reciprocating compressors were studied by FTIR, UV-visible and NIR absorption, optical excitation, and fluorescence spectroscopy to investigate whether the fluorescence spectroscopy has potential to identify them in the environment.
Indeed, in the case of a periodic excitation composed by the harmonic [omega](u(t) = [e.sup.i[omega]t]), the expression of the response y(t) is the following one:
Consequently, excitation rotor field coil directly from stator coil is suggested.
In this application, the excitation capacitors are connectable in star or delta.
For instance, under the assumption that the excitation errors are normally distributed, Ruze proposed analyzing the association between the radiation pattern and the random excitation errors [2].