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The moment of arrival the excitation wave in each point of the lead was defined by the minimum of the first derivative of the potential on time.
This analysis has shown that the non-linearity of the exciting force is of less importance for the given case then the self-exciting force, and it can be approximated with only one harmonic function even for the case that the exciting force consists of more excitations (lower, higher, combined) without decreasing the accuracy of the mathematical model.
b] spectra, obtained by excitation of an electron belonging to the outermost closed shell, have been studied by BEUTLER in a series of important works ([2]).
This NDT method is simple and fast and the impulse excitation for evaluating DEM is adaptable to environmental testing and elevated temperatures.
A radio-isotope is the most compact x-ray excitation source, as it does not require a high-voltage power supply.
It was experimentally set what influence of excitation frequency and amplitude, initial peg-bushing pressing force has to the alignment time.
6 THz, we did not realize that its excitation could change the properties of silicon in such dramatic fashion.
The purpose of this research was to study the spreading of the excitation wave along epicardium in the area of pulmonary veins ostia in the left atrium in rabbit in normal conditions and when cooling.
The NIST indicating system supplies direct current excitation to the load cell through the use of a DC power supply, which applies voltages to the load cell excitation input leads of [+ or -]5 V relative to the load cell ground wire, thus giving 10 V between the leads.
The choice of excitation wavelengths used in Raman spectroscopy has had a significant impact on the extent to which material analysis is affected by fluorescence.