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The wedding's going to be fairly low key and they are already excitedly talking about how they are going to be parents.
The ill horses exhibited abnormal behavior--running about excitedly, walking into walls, being unable to chew food.
And even their dogs Yogi and Taz got caught up in the joy of the occasion, excitedly licking the faces of smiling Sam and Tiger.
3 : to move about excitedly <Salesclerks fluttered about the store.
ON THE 17th of November, Year 4 pupils from Ryton Junior School excitedly set off to the City Learning Centre.
Then a leery guffaw bi the silence, followed by an individual pointing excitedly up at a TV monitor.
Excitedly the pupils, teachers and parents of Norton Primary gathered around the Peace Garden earlier in the summer.
In related news, The Gonz and a significant other are excitedly awaiting the birth of a child.
Sitting in Contracts class with all the other new students, waiting for the professor to arrive the conversation turned excitedly to what type of lawyer each wished to be: prosecutor, criminal law, and so on.
But then the singer whose parents are excitedly waiting in the next room (after having sent several e-mails about how talented their prodigy is and how excited/prepared/nervous they were) steps up to the audition spot and opens their mouth.
She was excitedly recounting her recollection of receiving a direct-mail pitch nine years ago inviting her to subscribe to a forthcoming magazine, Black Issues Book Review.
Jim Greenwood, a pro-abortion Republican from Pennsylvania, excitedly announced that the Bush administration was likely to flip-flop on the issue and make Plan B available over the counter (OTC).