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Hippolyte was immediately placed in a chair, while the whole company thronged around excitedly, talking and asking each other questions.
I suppose I was an odd little figure; I have been told that my anxiety to brighten her gave my face a strained look and put a tremor into the joke (I would stand on my head in the bed, my feet against the wall, and then cry excitedly, 'Are you laughing, mother?
Mary was in front of me, leaning in a somewhat foolish way on the haw-er, and they were chatting excitedly.
shouted a pepperbox, hopping around very excitedly.
Well, perhaps you are right, sir," said she, and was about to take down the bottle when the Crooked Magician suddenly called to her excitedly from the fireplace.
At sight of the white men they halted in relief, pointing back in the direction they had come, and jabbering excitedly in their native tongue.
One day Anne scurried excitedly into Priscilla's room.
We dashed excitedly back and forth, dragging dead limbs and branches from out the forest.
And Daylight told the truth," Carmack interrupted excitedly.
Men began to throng into the office and call at him over the railing, jovially, sharply, viciously, excitedly.
Tell me--now think, and answer straight and true," she urged excitedly.
Women who were quite strangers, mere spectators, were watching it excitedly, holding their breath, in fear of losing a single movement or expression of the bride and bridegroom, and angrily not answering, often not hearing, the remarks of the callous men, who kept making joking or irrelevant observations.