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The brief for the Quartzelec design team was to retrofit a new AC brushless exciter solution into the existing footprint.
While they lack the bandwidth potential of an electrodynamic exciter, development of dual-stage valves made it possible to achieve frequency response on the order of 500 Hz, which is acceptable for defining many environments.
There are two critical parameters of the exciter that determine the CP performance, i.
An exciter (sometimes referred to as a shaker) is a mechanical device generating vibration with controlled parameters and enabling the measurement of the exciting force in the course of the experiment.
THE KINGFISHERS The Exciter Neil Young inspired track from Glasgow band led by Monica Queen, ex-Belle And Sebastian.
Downstream, an exciter belt under the primary belt engages the rollers on the primary belt, driving them to spin backwards and enabling products to float on the roller sections until the rollerless chain section emerges.
Drive is mounted on a separate exciter mass, completely isolated from the high intensity impact action of the shakeout deck.
Suited for users in the materials research and quality analysis industries, the LSM 5 EXCITER laser scanning microscope analyzes relatively soft materials like polymers in a non-contact procedure with high measuring accuracy and resolution.
In an effort to work smarter, not harder, simplicity in use is the key to a recently introduced laser scanning microscope (LSM) from Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH, Hamburg, Germany--the LSM 5 EXCITER.
is known, today announced that it has developed a patent-pending low-range sound reproduction method, "Nano Bass Exciter," to reproduce high fidelity sound for compact speakers.