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help AG is now able to offer the revolutionary DME software solution from Excitor which helps organisations mobilise mail and applications within a secure container on a wide range of devices, the company said.
from Excitor, which helps organisations mobilise mail and applications within a
A third flavor (C+) was trained as an independent excitor for the summation test in both groups.
By using the Excitor developed software, the municipality had increased the efficiency of healthcare workers and improved elderly care, according to Nokia.
Retardation and summation tests of an extinguished conditioned excitor.
Protection from extinction by concurrent presentation of an excitor or an extensively extinguished CS
The new publication offers more comprehensive information than previous issues giving details not only of the standard L-Series vibrators, food and flange-mounted, but also of twin-flange units, linear-motion (twin vibrator) excitor units, quick-release mounts, flame-proof designs and control equipment.
Tenders are invited for Belting V Endless Cotton Ply Cored Rubber Covered Included Angle Of V 40 Degree Cross Section C Top Width 22Mm Thickness 14Mm Inside Length 3048Mm Of Size C-120 To Is 2494 Part -I 1994 For Auxillary Generator Excitor Generator
Nor was a reduction in the response provoked by a conditioned excitor, Y, found, when accompanied by B (Experiment 2; summation test), relative to a control condition in which stimulus A had not been conditioned.