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She screamed aloud; then running to the door exclaimed, -- "Help, help!"
Ah, Satellite!" he exclaimed, teasing them; "so you are going to show the moon-dogs the good habits of the dogs of the earth!
"It is the enemy, who have made a sortie from Newcastle and are surrounding us!" exclaimed Athos.
``And I must lie here like a bedridden monk,'' exclaimed Ivanhoe, ``while the game that gives me freedom or death is played out by the hand of others!
"We are lost!" exclaimed Ferguson, glancing at the barometer, which was now swiftly rising.
"How comes this person here?" she exclaimed, "you promised me, my dear, that there should be no ventilators in our new house." "Nor are there any," said I; "but what makes you think that the stranger is a Woman?
"On my honor, no," exclaimed Duncan, warmly; "there would have been an abuse of a confided trust, had I taken advantage of my situation for such a purpose."
look!" exclaimed her lively companions; and they all ran to the edge of the balcony, while Fleur-de-Lys, rendered thoughtful by the coldness of her betrothed, followed them slowly, and the latter, relieved by this incident, which put an end to an embarrassing conversation, retreated to the farther end of the room, with the satisfied air of a soldier released from duty.
Why, let me see!" he exclaimed. "Fourteen and--why, God bless my soul, you must be eighteen!"
de Malicorne," exclaimed the comte; "you are a judge of horses, I perceive;" then, turning towards him again, he continued, "You are most becomingly dressed, M.
Rodney acknowledged this with a wild glance round him, and, instead of waiting to answer questions, he jumped up, thrust himself through the seated bodies into the corner where Katharine was sitting, and exclaimed, very audibly:
"They're sheer nonsense!" Rachel exclaimed. "Think of words compared with sounds!" she continued.