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Lily Gilpin, 10, of Year 5, said: "I think sometimes it's the punctuation, say if you use an exclamation mark or if you put an ellipsis at the end of a sentence it can leave you on a cliffhanger.
This was after all, the only place in the British Isles with an exclamation mark in its name ( that surely speaks volumes doesn't it?
Lo and behold, the former Oppenheimer* man has teamed up with rapper Tribe One and a host of other guests to form Malibu Shark Attack (sometimes with an exclamation mark - yay
So is the bravura black-and-white opening scene, Green's womanly work, Martin Campbell's spirited direction and a finale that ends the movie with an exclamation mark.
According to him, he isn't satiated by the completion of the biggest deal so far of his career and the one that has put an exclamation mark on his meteoric rise.
It's long been a theory of mine that if something is naff, just stick an exclamation mark after it and it'll look even more naff).
This transaction puts an exclamation mark on the live/work vision that is a Playa Vista hallmark.
Note to Editors: There should be an inverted exclamation mark before the "C" in "Capital
After that there was just the small matter of winning the money lists on both sides of the Atlantic - nobody had done that before Donald last season - and the exclamation mark of his DP World Tour title this weekend.
Which town in Devon has an exclamation mark after its name?
BART CUMMINGS was the undoubted story of the 2008 Flemington Spring Carnival, and he put an exclamation mark on the week with his 251st Group 1 win courtesy of Swick in the Patinack Farm Classic.
And the top examiner went on to say that if this budding Shakespeare had thought to add an exclamation mark to their Anglo-Saxon outburst they would have received a further mark "because it would have been showing a little bit of skill".