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The other two examples from The Mistress of Spices illustrate the use of exclamatory particles Hai and Arre as a pragma-marker.
few years when I open that drawer, the exclamatory fabric prods me
I can choose to dig the other rhythmic nuances, at other hypermetric or lower levels--certainly the "ow" exclamatory pause in Jackson's voice on the "and" of the second four, which both stops the flow (the groove), holds it momentarily in midair, and yet prepares the bass drum and snare's dives back into the metrical and rhythmic fabric--but I need not for the groove to exist for me as a felt and fully real phenomenon.
In other words, what we might call Whitman's poetic machinery--elements such as the poem's patterning of exclamatory and catalogue-type utterances, the self-consciousness of its voice, or the richness of its selected images--prevails over the desire to depict the views from the ferry in a historically accurate fashion.
The emphasis is produced through the use of the exclamatory interjection "wow" followed by the adverb "really" ([phrase omitted]) and multiple ellipses indicating a long pause or contemplation, which amplifies the effect of exaggerated wondering.
In the Italian component, some three-word hashtags are used as exclamatory expressions (e.g.
In Dermatological examination, size, surface, number, site of patch/patches, pattern of hair loss and hair changes like exclamatory mark hairs.
The opening contents of Ross's volume, the "Poems from the Dobell Folio" and the "Poems of Felicity," introduce a poetic voice that is strikingly exclamatory, listing objects and reasons for thanksgivings in the torrents of enthusiasm that have become characteristic of Traherne: "O Nectar!
But before all of that, Siracusa noted that within the hallways and meeting room at many member companies, two exclamatory statements can be heard--"We need more innovation!" and "We gotta have it!"
The book is not couched in academic language and its exclamatory style grates after a while; nor is the text entirely free from the bossiness and self-importance typical of travel-writing.
Our focus here is on the use of the informal exclamatory abbreviation from online discourse 'OMG'.
Tom Cotton's El Dorado office sent an exclamatory email to the Arkansas insurance Department on behalf of "constituents that are priced out of health care by WEHCO," although it's not clear if more than one constituent actually called her congressman for help.