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readily excludable will yield greater private returns than equally
The right mix of basic and applied, and of excludable and nonexcludable, discoveries for addressing GE crop challenges depends on the problem context.
Because the Tax Policy Center estimates revenue of $410 billion if the excludable amount is returned to $1 million, many estate taxation attorneys suggest that prudent planning will use the estate tax reversion level of $1 million.
5) Investment in the contract is, under the general rule, reduced by previously received excludable amounts; however, investment in the contract is increased by loans treated as distributions to the extent the amount is includable in income, but not reduced to the extent it is excludable.
Many argue industry and other private finance unduly influence the university research agenda, skewing it toward more applied and excludable inventions, unfairly extracting rents from tax-financed research, and undermining the culture of free scientific inquiry (e.
These are excludable for non-members but non-excludable within the group of sharing states since there is spillover among a limited subset of all states.
In general, life insurance proceeds that are paid because of the insured's death are fully excludable from gross income.
Common pool" resources--that is, resources that are nonexcludable but rival (such as fisheries), so-called public bads or "externalities" (pollution), and "club goods," which are nonrival up to a point but excludable (a swimming pool)--are discussed under the rubric of public goods.
Also, the endeavor is not a public good, which can be defined as a one that is "neither excludable nor rival" (Mankiw, 225).
Under the insurer's interpretation of the plan, "any symptom experienced before the excludable condition is diagnosed could serve as the basis for an exclusion so long as the symptom was later deemed consistent with that condition.
This way a law enforcement officer attempting to apprehend will know whether the culprit is a privileged individual, excludable from any police actions.