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excludable information goods and understating the value of highly
Based on the above discussion, it can be concluded that FGOs occur just because there are excludable constraints among the GAOs of different atomic goals.
Also, the IRS will treat the value of any personal use of a cell phone provided by the employer primarily for noncompensatory business purposes as excludable from the employee's income as a de minimis fringe benefit.
The right mix of basic and applied, and of excludable and nonexcludable, discoveries for addressing GE crop challenges depends on the problem context.
For example, less patentable or excludable research tends to be more basic, and more basic research less excludable, suggesting policies that strengthen intellectual property rights promote applied research at the expense of basic research.
That guidance was articulated in the refugee exclusion waiver, which indicates that the public charge exclusion, labor certification requirements, and immigrant documentation requirements "shall not be applicable to any alien seeking admission to the United States" under the Refugee Act.(73) The waiver also establishes that refugee applicants who are excludable under the public health exclusions, as well as many of the other immigration exclusions, may have those exclusions waived by the Attorney General "for humanitarian purposes, to assure family unity, or when it is otherwise in the public interest."(74)
Although Burke does not directly apply to claims arising in the future, it does provide substantial guidance as to whether future awards are likely to be excludable from gross income.
When distributions are made from a section 529 plan, they are excludable from gross income to the extent that they do not exceed the qualified education expenses paid.
In other words, such amounts are included in gross income only to the extent they exceed the investment in the contract (as reduced by any prior excludable distributions under the contract).
How do you compute the excludable portion of payments under a single life annuity?
(2) Employee death benefits that are payable by reason of the death of certain terrorist attack victims or astronauts are excludable from gross income.