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His concern is that if researchers exclude everyone who smokes or is sick, so few deaths are left that the results don't apply to all Americans.
If a court excludes the accountant's expert opinion because it is based on implausible assumptions, the prevailing litigant could file a complaint for disciplinary action against the accountant with the state licensing board or initiate a malpractice action for the value of its claim.
The latter may exclude from gross income recoveries from loss wages resulting from the accident, but the former, assuming they meet the first hurdle (i.
These generally are intended to take full advantage of the unified credit in the grantor's estate and exclude the corpus from the surviving spouse's estate.
If R and his second wife sell home 2 within two years of the sale of home 1, R will generally not be able to exclude his portion of the gain on home 2, but his current wife will be able to exclude her half of the gain, up to $250,000.
A taxpayer may exclude $250,000 of gain ($500,000 on certain joint returns) from the sale if he or she owned and used the residence as his or her principal residence for two of the five years preceding the sale date.
Temporary and proposed regulations (TD 9069, 8/6/03) were recently issued to exclude certain vans and light trucks from the depreciation limits imposed on luxury automobiles.
A straight consolidated approach would exclude S2's debt relief from income under Sec.