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In other words, a loss that has been demonstrated to have been triggered by wind and wind-driven rain in the hours before the storm surge came ashore has to be quantified and paid, even if the excluded storm surge reduced the structure to a foundation slab when it arrived.
Thus, the District Court concluded that only a debtor's beneficial interest in a mast may be excluded from the bankruptcy estate under Section 541(c)(2).
5) that parallel the surplus suspension rules described above for dispositions of property other than excluded property, depreciable property, or eligible capital property.
Although Rieger clearly favors liberation thought, his goal is to bring together all four modes of theology, each making its own contribution and each enlivened further by new alertness to the world's excluded.
The Seventh Circuit concluded that excluded COD income reduces the shareholder's S corporation loss carryforward.
Excluded dates: St Patrick's Day, Easter, bank holidays (subject to availability these dates can be booked for an additional supplement of pounds 20 per person).
The first $65 a month plus one-half of the rest are excluded.
Furthermore, the pope contends that because ministerial priesthood is not a promotion but a service, being excluded from it constitutes no hardship.
The securities suit and the criminal action were found to be partly covered and partly excluded because the allegations in these two suits did not "solely and entirely" fall within the "personal profit exclusion" (the court found that the insurer must defend the whole ERISA action).
In 1986, the California legislature enacted a "water's-edge" election, under which certain foreign operations of a taxpayer's worldwide unitary business were excluded from the tax base.
Using new standards to judge the acceptability of such testimony, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago affirmed a district court decision that excluded the CPA's expert testimony.