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Operating profit excluding items affecting comparability and exchange rate effects rose 15%.
I am saddened, too, however, that the United States government has become afraid of ideas and that it reacts to its critics not by engaging them but by suppressing, stigmatizing, and excluding them.
This means that excluding religious schools may violate not one but three separate constitutional provisions: the equal protection clause, the free exercise clause (which protects the free exercise of religion), and the free speech clause.
As I read through the documents, I found myself returning to the primate's comments about the dangers of excluding religion from public life.
Economic class divisions, racism, patriarchy, and the harsh effects of colonialism are major realities today; our fallen world does indeed thrive on excluding "others.
I don't understand: What part of excluding anyone not a "biodyke" from an organization isn't exclusionary?
One area where taxpayers had some success in excluding damages was gender discrimination.
While there is a conceptual basis for excluding punitive damages from the favorable tax treatment accorded those who suffer injuries,(36) the distinction made under current law between different types of victims is arbitrary.
Certainly if we heard of a church excluding persons of color from ordination, we would cry prejudice and discrimination from the rafters.
Net sales decreased 3% (increased by 6% excluding exchange rate effects and divestments) to $4 billion.