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Expressio unius est exclusio alterius (express mention of one thing excludes all others).
But the implication of that statement (inclusio unius est exclusio alterius) is that when the government uses a physical intrusion to explore details of the home (including its curtilage), the antiquity of the tools that they bring along is irrelevant.
8) Moreover, it is well-established that when a statute enumerates the things on which it is to operate, it is to be construed as excluding from its operation all things not expressly mentioned--expressio unius est exclusio alterius.
Expressio unius est alterius exclusio finds roots in the early nineteenth century as well.
66) All agree, however, that implicature does and should play some role in statutory interpretation--no one disputes that the application of the expressio unius est exclusio alterius canon is legitimate in some cases.
40) The court occasionally observes that this rule--more commonly referred to as expressio (or inclusio) unius est exclusio alterius--"must be applied with great caution.
A conventional application of the maxim expressio unius est exclusio alterius might therefore suggest that parties like the Trust could not use section 502(a)(3) to seek clarification of their rights and duties under ERISA.
2003): Situacions de pobreza i exclusio social a la provincia de Barcelona, Barcelona, Institut d'Estudis Regionals i Metropolitans de Barcelona.
In the womb of time, no one could predict what future decades, generations, or centuries would produce; but to the extent that Madison gazed into the future, he seemed to hope that all future constitutional change would occur within the exclusio alterius bounds of Article V.
135) In this definition, participation by stakeholders across levels is made the defining characteristic of the principle as it applies, expressis verbis, to economic integration, but possibly not to political integration, at least when applying the principle expressio unius est exclusio alterais.
Still, it would be difficult to use the legal maxim expressio unius est exclusio alterius (82) to argue that because Jesus reprimanded Peter for drawing the sword, Christians as a whole cannot draw the sword.