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One of our key discoveries has been that the exclusionary rule has given way to Driedger's Modern Principle of Statutory Interpretation.
we argue here that the problem of exclusionary zoning should be viewed
This proposal is offered not as an ideal defense of the exclusionary rule but as a conceptually coherent account of the Court's exclusionary rule jurisprudence after taking the punitive turn as a given.
A 2011 study by the Council of State Governments cited in the Texas Appleseed report found that more than half of Texas students experienced some form of exclusionary discipline at some point in their middle or high school career.
Other important issues avoided in Exclusionary Empire pertained to racial, ethnic, and religious differences.
13) This remedy, known as the exclusionary rule, provides a disincentive to police officers and prosecutors who illegally gather evidence in violation of the Fourth Amendment.
Whether or not an Exclusionary Provision actually resulted in a substantial lessening of competition in the relevant market was also, and continues to be, irrelevant.
The holding in Herring finds little support in the Chief Justice's opinion for the majority, which perhaps accurately reflects his apparent longstanding opposition to the exclusionary rule, (14) but is totally unconvincing and in many respects irrelevant and disingenuous.
The big problem with the law of exclusionary practices is that all competitors seek to undercut and exclude rivals.
Even supposing that the exclusionary rule's deterrent force depends upon the sub silentio onus-shifting that occurs with the search warrant regime, we are not committed to thinking that the deterrent effect of that pairing is itself constitutionally adequate; i.
But stores that are increasingly developing most or all of their own products--and Target would seem to be the poster boy here--are in the greatest danger of falling into that exclusionary trap.
2) Traditionally, courts have used the federal exclusionary rule as a tool to discourage Fourth Amendment violations by police officers.