exclusive attention

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Barren sun-dried patches, and little holes and crevices opened here and there by the action of the summer heat, announced that the lawn, like everything else at the farm, had been neglected, in the exclusive attention paid to the claims of the horses.
How far the Huron comprehended the intentions of his new friend may well be doubted; but as exclusive attention is as flattering to a savage as to a more civilized individual, it had produced the effect we have mentioned.
Rare diseases are accompanied by mankind as long as normal health disorders, but exclusive attention has been paid to them only in recent decades .
Any man who doesn't give you exclusive attention and commitment, doesn't deserve that win.
Seeking to derail the almost exclusive attention on the ruling Medici family in studies on Florence from 1600 to 1660, Goudriaan shows how educated members of the Florentine patriciate contributed substantially to the cultural success of the Medici court, and how their networks were responsible for many cultural innovations in Florentine society.
A paediatrician told me my baby sussed he had my exclusive attention at night - and liked it that way.
We can also extend exclusive attention to your group.
The strategic perspective of building organizational capabilities is becoming dominant after decades of exclusive attention to financial capital and product/market mix.
The aim of the unit is to help the patients get quick and exclusive attention and at the same time stop them from having to stay overnight in the hospital.
David Krieger and Richard Falk observe that "public anxiety about nuclear weaponry has been cleverly manipulated to focus almost exclusive attention on proliferation, with corresponding inattention to possession, continuing weapons development, and thinly disguised reliance on threatened use (original italics).
A borough once scoffed at by major real estate investors now enjoys the exclusive attention of two commercial brokerages.
None of this disqualifies what Landreth argues, yet it would certainly qualify it: exclusive attention to England has the unfortunate consequence of suggesting the absolute particularity of something more generalized and enduring.