exclusive possession

References in classic literature ?
The territory, thus free from all exclusive possession, they might have taken by the natural right of occupancy.
A solitary willow had taken root in the alluvion, and profiting by its exclusive possession of the soil, the tree had sent up its stem far above the crest of the adjacent rock, whose peaked summit had once been shadowed by its branches.
The exclusive possession of a marine boiler had given Falk the whiphand of us all.
This companion dying, the animal fell into his own exclusive possession. After great trouble, occasioned by the intractable ferocity of his captive during the home voyage, he at length succeeded in lodging it safely at his own residence in Paris, where, not to attract toward himself the unpleasant curiosity of his neighbors, he kept it carefully secluded, until such time as it should recover from a wound in the foot, received from a splinter on board ship.
If you do not have a room in the property, for example if you are staying on your friend's couch and do not have what is referred to as "exclusive possession" of a particular area, eviction without a court order may be possible.
A total of 124 responses were received, with 106 supporting proposals to grant Pontypool RFC exclusive possession of the ground through a lease.
Speaking at the Preparatory Committee for the 2020 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, Chairman of the National Committee for the Prohibition of Weapons, Brigadier-General Hassan Saleh al-Nisf, said Qatar considers this approach to be a collective solution to the Iranian nuclear issue, to the use of chemical weapons in the region, and to Israel's exclusive possession of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.
SprintCom argues that it should not be considered an occupant because it did not have exclusive possession of the roof and further claims that the landlord retained the duty of maintenance and repair.
A&R filed a motion for summary disposition with respect to plaintiff's negligence claims on the grounds that SA&R had exclusive possession and control of the tractor.
"The protection of the State and the preservation of its sovereignty is only valid when it [the State] alone, and no one else, owns the decision of war and peace, and when the absolute right of the army to exclusive possession of weapons on all the Lebanese territory is preserved," the Kataeb stressed.
It cannot be the exclusive possession of one faith over against the others, or of one people over against the other.
Firstly, Nawaz Sharif and his dependents have been owners and in exclusive possession of four Avenfield properties since the 1990s.