exclusive right

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Commission Vice-President in charge of competition policy JoaquE[degrees]n Almunia said: "Greece has cooperated fully with the Commission to ensure that OPAP will not benefit from any undue financial advantage through the prolongation of its exclusive rights and its license for video lottery terminals.
That said, it is no easy trick to apply such a principle to the real world - especially since everyone involved recognizes that one major way copyright laws benefit the general public is by giving copyright holders exclusive rights over their work for a specific period of time - currently the life of the author plus 50 years.
In an exclusive right to sell or deal arrangement, the broker is entitled to a commission even if the buyer and seller or lessor and lessee consummate a deal between themselves, without the use of any broker.
The council was considering providing Waste Management exclusive rights to service the city's commercial and industrial customers but tabled discussion of the contract after talking with the two waste haulers.

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