exclusive title

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NEW RELEASES: Among this week's game releases is the high-definition remake of Sony' Interactive's (SNE) "Shadow of the Colossus," which comes out today as an exclusive title for PlayStation 4.
German-based Viessmann will continue as team sheet sponsor and become exclusive title sponsor of "Club Town" - a new area of 64 executive heated seats situated behind both home and away dugouts.
Bound, a PS4 exclusive title, is like nothing you will have played before
BBVA Compass will be the exclusive title sponsor for the team's inaugural season in the league.
Sony also unveiled the PlayStation4 exclusive title "Gravity Rush Remastered, Chinese and English version.
3 RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER (Xbox One, Xbox 360) Release Date: | November 13 LARA CROFT is back in the final Xbox exclusive title of 2015.
Luxury Home Magazine and BBVA Compass Bank are the exclusive title sponsors for the 2015 Luxury Real Estate Summit[R]
Contract notice: Public road transport service to ensure primary or exclusive title for students, serving the educational sector linked to the gcc article l 213-11 of the code of the educational institutions.
Carner, Newmark & Cohen signed on as the event's exclusive title sponsor this year.
THE YALE FIRST NATION IS entitled by virtue of their collective rights and title to enjoy the area known as the 5 mile fishery, reads a press release entitled the Sto:lo people reject Canada and BC decision to give exclusive title of 5 Mile Fishery to Yale First Nation.
During its operation, this system (or systems, to be precise) boasted the exclusive title of the most northerly urban rail service in the world, as well as some other characteristic features.
Saratoga Performing Arts Centre has announced that it has named HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) as the exclusive title sponsor for its 2010 classical season.