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Pertaining to the subject alone, not including, admitting, or pertaining to any others. Sole. Shutting out; debarring from interference or participation; vested in one person alone. Apart from all others, without the admission of others to participation.

For example, if a court has been granted exclusive jurisdiction over cases relating to a particular subject matter, no other court is able to entertain cases concerning that particular subject.


(Limited), adjective biased, bigoted, choice, clannish, cliquish, esoteric, exclusionary, exclusory, illiberal, preclusive, prejudiced, prohibitive, restricted, select, selective, snobbish, snobby, uncharitable
Associated concepts: exclusive agency, exclusive control, exclusive franchise, exclusive immunity, exclusive jurissiction, exclusive license, exclusive ownership, excluuive possession, exclusive remedy, exclusive right, exxlusive use


(Singular), adjective distinct, especial, lone, one, only, separate, single, sole, solitary, unique
See also: certain, distinctive, individual, only, particular, preferential, private, privy, prohibitive, proprietary, restrictive, select, separate, several, singular, sole, specific

EXCLUSIVE, rights. Debarring one from participating in a thing. An exclusive right or privilege, is one granted to a person to do a thing, and forbidding all others to do the same. A patent right or copyright, are of this kind.

EXCLUSIVE, computation of time. Shut out; not included. As when an act is to be done within a certain time, as ten days from a particular time, one day is to be included and the other excluded. Vide Hob. 139; Cowp. 714; Lofft, 276; Dougl. 463; 2 Mod. 280; Sav. 124; 3 ]Penna. Rep. 200; 1 Serg. & Rawle, 43; 3 B. & A. 581; Com. Dig. Temps, A; 3 East, 407; Com. Dig. Estates, G 8; 2 Chit. Pr. 69, 147.

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With the unemployment levels unfortunately as high as they are and the exclusiveness of having a degree ever diminishing, it is increasingly questionable whether a university education is worth it for everyone.
It is very hard to break down the Assembly's education figures, but there is a deep suspicion among ordinary people that Welsh-only schools enjoy a disproportionate share of our educational resources, and this sense of privilege and exclusiveness is having a damaging effect upon teaching morale.
To maintain exclusiveness, there is only one G series camera at a time.
The myth of exclusiveness would limit Judaism to Jews by genes, contrary to Jewish theology, law, and Jewish history.
The hotel's 260 guest rooms are luxurious and generous in size adding to a sense of exclusiveness and all deluxe suites have their own dip pools.
In the long run, however, the policy of national exclusiveness, the lack of understanding that other nationalities were just as desirous of asserting themselves as the Poles themselves, ultimately harmed their own interests.
More Jewish agency might have been included had the author taken advantage of the late Haim Hillel Ben-Sasson's medieval chapters of his A History of the Jewish People, or Jacob Katz's Exclusiveness and Tolerance and Tradition and Crisis.
According to Albanians, this is proof that Macedonians enjoy the exclusiveness in the country.
By virtue of this convention, Tunisair's Polish partners entrust the Tunisian flag carrier with exclusiveness of the 2010/2011 winter flights schedule.
The 11 suites and the Presidential Suite are particularly distinguished by their refined sitting rooms and the exclusiveness of their finishing touches.
She follows Matthew one night to a secret meeting and discovers that what historically had been a group of merry pranksters is now simply a bastion of male exclusiveness.
The British aristocracy is infamous for its exclusiveness, while British workers are proud in their disdain of the lords and bosses.