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128) Society must pay for this information; it does so with the twenty years of exclusory rights conferred by the patent grant.
Simply put, I am suggesting that these exclusory gestures guide the production of much of our art.
Due to processes of racialization and exclusory discourses and codes of belonging, the dominant and hegemonic cartography of mexicanidad has displaced and dislocated not only the notion of afromexicanidad, but also that of blackness beyond the nation's geo-political and bio-political borders.
This statement demonstrates that Feldman JA has an exclusory outcome in mind.
My aim is to show how theology comes to bear upon the 'question of the animal' and brings to light some of the difficulties inherent in the secular discourse that dominates animal ethics and separates divine from intellectual governance, and the bipolarity that pushes ethics towards the sacral exclusory realms of ethical or biopolitical messianism.
Many of the practices in mathematics classrooms can be exclusory for some students, particularly for those whose language is not that of the formal language found within schools and mathematics classrooms (Moschkovich, 2007; Zevenbergen, 2000).
Even if some people do treat that norm as an exclusory reason for decision, and as such, no amount of money could compensate them for breaching that norm, the problem does not appear to affect the explanatory or predictive project.
Conscious of the exclusory nature of educational research and policy that objectifies and pathologises working-class students, we believed that it was important to give students a voice through the research.
17) Baseball continues to possess a didactic function in Chabon's novel but that education is not exclusory, like Bly's.
The danger is that the metaphor of invisibility executes its own form of exclusory agency, providing a pretext for conjuring women off the news scene.