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Matthew's Cathedral calling on Archbishop Wuerl to excommunicate "Catholic" Nancy Pelosi for the scandal caused by her support of child-killing by abortion and her defiance of Church teaching.
Now a website has been set up down South allowing people to sign a Declaration Of Defection, or, you might say, excommunicate themselves.
ITALIAN dictator Mussolini asked the Pope to excommunicate Hitler - just days before signing a pact with the Nazi leader.
1521: Martin Luther, founder of Protestantism, was excommunicated:The decision to excommunicate Martin Luther from the Roman Catholic church proved one of the major events in the history of the Christian church such was the influence of this great theologian.
Horseman" because she died excommunicate, her neighbors buried her under the communion table as a way of reinforcing their sense of Christian charity and right conduct while tacitly reprimanding a church which was becoming more quick to take offense and increasingly prone to abuse its power of excommunication.
I did not excommunicate anyone, just remembered the church's law which says they are automatically excommunicated.
It's a shame that Sheriff Baca would want to excommunicate the Scout program,'' said state Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy, R-Arcadia.
Catholic pro-abortion politicians would do well to learn from Cardinal Norberto Rivera's vow to excommunicate politicians who vote for abortion.
As a socialist sodomite myself, I have good reason to be wary of the "family values" used to excommunicate me from humanity.