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16), posits the case that "women priests are excommunicated, (but) pedophiles are coddled," as if these are comparable.
The church will not recognize the ordinations and the participants have excommunicated themselves by their action, said James Goodness, a spokesman for the Newark, N.
To the extent that they adhere to the schism of the late Archbishop Lefebvre, they are also excommunicated.
are foreseen," an indirect way of saying that ordinations constitute a schismatic act, which leaves those involved, in effect, excommunicated.
The Archbishop was excommunicated in 1988 (see Letters to the Editor in this edition).
THEOLOGIAN Andreas Pitsillides plans to appeal a decision by Church authorities by which he has been excommunicated for deviating from Christian Orthodox doctrine.
ROME * The Vatican has given its backing to a central Rome square being named after Martin Luther, a church reformer excommunicated by the pope nearly 500 years ago.
ON THIS DAY 1570: Queen Elizabeth I was excommunicated by Pope Pius V who declared her a usurper.
Earlier on July 16, the Akal Takht had excommunicated three prominent Haryana Sikh leaders including the state finance minister Harmohinder Singh Chatha, HSGPC (adhoc) President Jagdish Singh Jhinda and former SGPC member Didar Singh Nalvi.
He said very strangely, the Jathedar has also given the same direction to the HSGPC leaders to whom he himself have excommunicated from the Sikh Panth few days back.
Pope Francis has excommunicated members of the Italian mafia on Saturday, calling them people who adore the devil.
POPE Francis launched an attack on organised crime yesterday warning Mafia members were excommunicated.