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Murphy questioned the lack of minority representation in church leadership, the church's political campaigns against women's and homosexual rights and "the policy of excommunicating scholars who honestly confront problems with church history add doctrines.
Despite demands by individuals and organizations across the country, and the withdrawal of funding and meeting space by both private and civic entities, the BSA reinforced its discriminatory policy by excommunicating seven Boy Scout and Cub Scout troops in Oak Park, Illinois--a municipality traditionally at the forefront of supporting gay rights.
A Kirk insider said: "He explained that she could face a full church trial, which may end up excommunicating her.
Excommunicating the Mafiosi didn't just put their souls in peril, it put their bodies in that state as well.
But no, the institutional church seems to be much more concerned about excommunicating members who love their church and are working against tremendous odds to heal it.