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Even beleaguered newscaster Brian Williams is rapidly learning how to take the good with the bad: Excoriated by many for "colorfully" playing around with the facts in some newscasts, hes now being defended by some of his colleagues and superiors, so after his suspension is over, he could survive his self-induced ordeal.
Over the last eight years, Bruce Ratner has been repeatedly excoriated by community activists and Brownstone Brooklynites, attacked in the press, and called everything from a "liar" to a "serial eminent domain abuser and corporate welfare queen.
IT seems like only yesterday that striking miners with hungry families to feed were excoriated for taking money from Colonel Gaddafi.
The French lawyer excoriated this misinformation operation exploiting "the hardships of Palestinians to serve a quasi-obsessional anti-Moroccan propaganda by some Spanish press.
The "father of capitalism," Adam Smith, excoriated businessmen manipulating the government for private gain and explicitly advocated regulation of banks.
KABUL (PAN): President Hamid Karzai excoriated the assassination of over 27 civilians killed by Taliban fighters in Kandahar province.
Helmer-thesp Nanni Moretti, who excoriated Berlusconi in "The Caiman" and stars in Berlin drama "Quiet Chaos," is mulling a response similar to his enervated character in the latter film.
More than 100 Iranian scholars, writers and activists living at home and abroad honored Holocaust victims and excoriated Iran's government for denying the genocide.
Not only does the council not deserve praise for this mega flip-flop, it deserves to be publicly excoriated.
and excoriated myself: I used her misery for a poem.
He concludes that the transformation of black middle-class masculinity may have liberated middle-class African Americans/Caribbeans from antiquated nineteenth-century modes of thought, but it also laid a basis for the scandalous excesses famously excoriated in E.