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It is a common belief that diseases like dermatitis artefacta, delusions of parasitosis, trichotillomania and neurotic excoriations are primary dermatological diseases.
Researchers have documented excoriation occurrence rates in 2% of dermatology patients, 11.8% of adolescent psychiatric inpatients, and approximately 2%-9% of college students in the U.S., Germany, Pakistan, and Turkey (Bohne, Wilhelm, Keuthen, Baer, & Jenike, 2012; Galikusu, Kucukgoncu, Tecer, & Bestepe, 2012; Grant et al., 2007; Greisemer, 1978; Odlaug et al., 2013; Siddiqui, Naeem, Naqvi, & Ahmed, 2012).
Total colostomy 64 (n 64) Complication Number Percentage Skin excoriation 48 62.5% Prolapse 15 23.43 Bleeding 8 12.5 Obstruction 3 4.68 Wound infection 6 9.37 Retraction 4 6.25
Lesions were more concentrated around ears (132/132) with papular/pustular eruption, exudation, excoriation, incrustation, alopecia, de-pigmentation and nodules.
The relation of psychogenic excoriation with psychiatric disorders: A comparative study.
The Skin Care Pocket Guide can be utilized to support a nurse in identifying skin breakdown as either a pressure ulcer or excoriation, document the correct staging of a pressure ulcer, and initiate the appropriate bed and heel protocol based on a patient's risk.
Prurigo nodules are cutaneous lesions often produced by repetitive scratching--hence the nickname "picker's nodules"--which may occur as sequelae of chronic pruritus or neurotic excoriations. Thus, PN can be classified as a subtype of neurodermatitis.
Other problems in BDD are: compulsive skin picking with labels--"dermatilomania" and "neurotic excoriation", hair concerns--"hair loss and fear of going bald", "excessive facial hair", "too much or too little body hair".
The skin was rugated and erythematous, with no indication of infection or excoriation. There was a small anterior midline opening on the suprapubic pannus 2.5 cm below the pubic symphysis that was a sinus to his urethra (Fig.
There are dressings available that prevent excoriation of the surrounding skin and leakage through clothing.
The main observed features of LS were erythema, infiltration, mucosal excoriation, lichenification, hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, and ecchymoses.
Caption: DSM-5 eliminates subtypes such as paranoid and catatonic from the schizophrenia definition, replaces gender identity disorder with gender dysphoria, and adds several new disorders, including premenstrual dysphoric disorder, hoarding disorder, gambling disorder and excoriation disorder, in which people compulsively pick at themselves.