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No, or very little sign, of the monstrous glass and concrete excrescence Muse Development and the Council want to put up.
An osteochondroma can be considered a cartilage-covered osseous excrescence that arises from the surface of a bone.
Out of the trees on Merritts Hill pokes an enormous tower, a cross between Big Ben, a board school and a baronial excrescence.
The church was ''an unadorned edifice, of an octangular form, rather dark from the smallness of its windows, and having, attached to one of its sides, a circular projection, bearing a diminutive extinguisher-looking excrescence, by way of steeple''.
As many readers are undoubtedly aware, the Provincial EIESinitiative (together with its appalling excrescence which is Bill #13)is a well-orchestrated and insulting affront to Catholic teaching and Catholic values.
and your friends had a knowing what you had Margaret Clegg, via But the financial cost of this parasitic excrescence atop British society is not the worst of it.
In a London Times essay blasting the country's ruling conservatives, Bjork lamented the way the boom/bust cycle had wiped out small entrepreneurs as big money pursued an oversupply of aluminum smelters--which was not an excrescence of the free market but a product of public industrial policy.
The idea that variations are random is a metaphysical excrescence layered atop Darwin's scientific theory by those wishing to push the idea of a meaningless universe.
Indeed, his creator Richardson is also a fetishist who imagines his doll-like like angel, his fictional automaton, only though the detached excrescence of her letters, or how she is perceived outwardly by others.
This excrescence between his legs is a disturbing sort of pleasure.
No society that understood or respected its own memory could look, say, at an entertainment show like the BBC's Coal House without shuddering at this excrescence of Big Brother Anthropology masquerading as our forbears in the historical equivalent of drag.
He was there by virtue of the French presence on the South American continent in the Overseas Department of Guyane, which is normally held at arm's length as a colonial excrescence by the independent countries of the region, but there is currently a political love-in between Sarkozy and President Lula of Brazil.