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Marthe is an apparently female but acephalic form disfigured by waxy excrescences, bodily limbs transforming into fibrous, barkless tendrils.
3) The first stage is usually asymptomatic and involves development of excrescences of Descemet's membrane.
Both ( Ambedkar and Hedgewar) prefixed their names with doctor; the two were born within years of each other; and both of them had the same goal: to rid the Indian society of its harmful excrescences.
4mm; skin thickness intermediate between thin and thick; snout rounded in dorsal and lateral views; rostral keel absent; tympanum evident; vocal slits absent; axillary membrane not evident; webbing on fingers vestigial; nuptial excrescences present on all fingers; ulnar tubercles forming ridge; webbing formula on foot [I1.
Chop off all the excrescences like the fisheries policy, and the social chapter.
Macroscopically, MM of the tunica vaginalis typically appears as multiple, firm, tan-to-white nodules or papillary excrescences on the surface of a hydrocele sac.
The differential diagnosis includes other heart tumors such as myxoma or lipoma, vegetation, thrombus formation, calcification and Lambl's excrescences.
In examining the question of causality, however, Adam focuses less on the propelling role of geopolitics and more on its systemic excrescences (e.
Irregular surfaces had two types of excrescences and presented trichomes.
Soon the rest of the cast is indulging in a cacophony of declamatory rants, the verbal excrescences matched by the restless, incessantly wriggling vocabulary that has lately become Forsythe's trademark.
Numerous bony excrescences resembling small osteophytes and osteochondromas were seen in involved phalanges.