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Unlike a Sri Lanka study (14) that reported that children with SCID may not pose a threat to the community because of their short life span, our study, along with studies in Israel, Iran, Libya, and Turkey (24,25), showed that some patients with SCID can excrete the virus for a prolonged period even after bone marrow transplant, with a high rate of nucleotide changes from the parent Sabin strain.
The lungs discharge carbon dioxide and water vapour into the air, while sweat glands excrete salt and water on to the surface of the skin as a method of regulating the body's temperature.
Indigenous peoples of the Andes, including the SAC Atacamenos, have been shown to excrete very low levels of MMA.
Because of the enzyme, Enviropigs excrete 30 percent to 65 percent less phosphorus.
Praise the puppy when they excretes where you want them to.
Throughout this paper I use the term "excretion" (excreta, excrete, etc.) to identify the materials passing through a spider's anus, since the majority of this material consists of the products of post-assimilatory metabolic processes from the Malpighian tubules, rather than undigested matter.
In a study of 216 healthy Argentinian children who received routine Thimerosal-containing vaccines at birth, two months or six months, researchers found that ethyl mercury was excreted from their bodies faster than adults excrete methyl mercury.
There are two problems with this theory: Chitosan doesn't increase fat excretion, and it does trap and excrete fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A and E.
The trouble is, when animals excrete in their waste antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals that their bodies don't use, the compounds may linger in the environment.
Accordingly, hyponatremic athletes can present with a spectrum of urine concentrations, ranging from the ability to excrete dilute urine freely (1,22) to an inability to void despite encouragement (28,35,53).
Caffeine also acts as a diuretic, causing the body to excrete liquids, which can lead to dehydration and fatigue.
Indeed, patients with Kanzaki/Schindler disease or aspartylglucosaminuria, who mainly excrete abnormal amino acid O-glycosides, can be identified only with difficulty by this method.