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The lungs discharge carbon dioxide and water vapour into the air, while sweat glands excrete salt and water on to the surface of the skin as a method of regulating the body's temperature.
Because of the enzyme, Enviropigs excrete 30 percent to 65 percent less phosphorus.
Upon releasing spiders onto the plants, I observed these individuals for five minutes to determine whether they would excrete during that period, since earlier unrelated observations had established that they often excreted within this time.
There are two problems with this theory: Chitosan doesn't increase fat excretion, and it does trap and excrete fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A and E.
The squirrels chew the trunks and the leafhoppers excrete the juices sucked from the stems so it feels like a rainstorm sitting beneath them on the back patio.
Caffeine also acts as a diuretic, causing the body to excrete liquids, which can lead to dehydration and fatigue.
Indeed, patients with Kanzaki/Schindler disease or aspartylglucosaminuria, who mainly excrete abnormal amino acid O-glycosides, can be identified only with difficulty by this method.
The immune system doesn't attack the foreign proteins that make up a developing fetus, either, not even when that fetus has begun to display and excrete a lot of its own personal proteins.
As the pores open up and the millions of sweat glands start to excrete, the body rids itself of metabolic and other waste products.