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These absences would provide ample opportunity for the spiders to excrete unnoticed.
Reducing sodium intakes to about 1,600 mg a day would lower the calcium we excrete by about a third, notes Goulding.
Vertebrates excrete estrogens in the form of water-soluble polar conjugates.
The only exception may be people who excrete extra calcium in their urine.
They excrete most of the arsenic but retain some in their tissues, particularly the liver, in both organic and inorganic forms.
Diabetes and hypertension are primary causes for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) - a crippling condition in which kidney function is reduced to less than 10% of baseline and the organ is unable to excrete wastes, concentrate urine or regulate electrolytes.
This process explains how the human body can generate 45 gallons of dilute urinary fluid daily and yet excrete only about one quart of urine.
These infants, however, did not excrete unusual amounts of urinary porphyrins.
Martineau felt very little, if any, pain, Sun said, because leeches excrete a local anesthetic.