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The idea of their frightening her, and making her cry, and of my not being there to comfort her, was so excruciating, that it impelled me to write a wild letter to Mr.
If a man had by unheard-of and excruciating tortures destroyed your father, your mother, your betrothed, -- a being who, when torn from you, left a desolation, a wound that never closes, in your breast, -- do you think the reparation that society gives you is sufficient when it interposes the knife of the guillotine between the base of the occiput and the trapezal muscles of the murderer, and allows him who has caused us years of moral sufferings to escape with a few moments of physical pain?
Little Penn delivered quite a speech on the folly of superstitions; but public opinion was against him and in favour of Long Jack, who told the most excruciating ghost-stories to nearly midnight.
Hilbery elicited the facts that not only was the house of excruciating ugliness, which Ralph bore without complaint, but that it was evident that every one depended on him, and he had a room at the top of the house, with a wonderful view over London, and a rook.
This commonsense measure recognizes that the government has an interest in protecting our children from the excruciating pain theyre capable of experiencing during a late-term abortion.
ENGLAND prop Joe Marler has been 'hung out to dry' and made the subject of 'an excruciating media witch-hunt' after being called to account by World Rugby over the Samson Lee 'gypsy boy' insult.
Ms Bennett conceded: "It was absolutely excruciating.
What Happens When Excruciating Pain Becomes Untreatable?
When a sizeable stone passes down the urethra it causes excruciating pain called renal colic, needing hospital admission.
New Delhi, April 11 -- Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who recently underwent an abdominal surgery, was on Tuesday put through a CT scan at Nanavati hospital in Mumbai after he complained of excruciating pain.
It was excruciating, completely excruciating," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying in the August issue of Redbook magazine, for which she also posed for the cover.
Mr McQuiggin said: "It happened so quickly, all I remember is the excruciating pain when I was bitten.