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And the housemaid came and scrubbed his nose with sand-paper; and once when the Princess Angelica's little sister was born, he was tied up in an old kid glove; and another night, some larking young men tried to wrench him off, and put him to the most excruciating agony with a turnscrew.
The speed with which I ran from the galley caused excruciating pain in my knee, and I sank down helplessly at the break of the poop.
O'Dowd had a cock's plume in her hat, and a very large "repayther" on her stomach, which she used to ring on all occasions, narrating how it had been presented to her by her fawther, as she stipt into the car'ge after her mar'ge; and these ornaments, with other outward peculiarities of the Major's wife, gave excruciating agonies to Captain Osborne, when his wife and the Major's came in contact; whereas Amelia was only amused by the honest lady's eccentricities, and not in the least ashamed of her company.
And with great solemnity and excruciating Batting, Billy sang:
Bumble, seeing with excruciating feelings, the delight of the two old paupers, who were tittering together most rapturously, hesitated for an instant.
Ms Bennett conceded: "It was absolutely excruciating.
He would have been in excruciating pain as he was shot in the abdomen.
When a sizeable stone passes down the urethra it causes excruciating pain called renal colic, needing hospital admission.
It was excruciating, completely excruciating," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying in the August issue of Redbook magazine, for which she also posed for the cover.
Mr McQuiggin said: "It happened so quickly, all I remember is the excruciating pain when I was bitten.
The former chart star had to postpone two gigs over the weekend after being taken to hospital "in excruciating pain".
Andre's manager Claire Powell said the singer had been "terribly disappointed" that he was unable to perform at Friday's sold-out opening night after being "rushed to hospital in excruciating pain.