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The over-filled buses and excruciatingly long waiting times because buses simply don't arrive are testament to this.
Harriet Miers, or "Poor Harry" as she is known in my house, was more excruciatingly ill-suited for her appointment than Dan Quayle, and was cruelly blogged back behind the scenes of Bush world.
A very similar point is made in Fernando Ortega's deceptively simple video Para xo, 2002, which tracks the excruciatingly slow progress of a similarly improvised bicycle taxi down a country road.
Mayo said: "Getting an honorary degree was excruciatingly embarrassing as well as wonderful.
Miss Manners' Guide To Excruciatingly Correct Behavior
James Kennedy, president of Coral Ridge Ministries, an international Christian broadcast outreach, has described Terri's plight as being "sentenced to an excruciatingly painful death by dehydration.
There were days it was so excruciatingly cold that you thought that your ears were literally going to crack off the side of your head," he recalls.
He can be forgiven if his mind still returns frequently to Kakuma, to Paliau, to his missing family, and to the excruciatingly difficult journey that has brought him this far.
That theory, also called M theory, postulates that all matter and energy is composed of excruciatingly minute filaments called strings and membranous entities called branes.
while these cybercafes provide communal access to the people and resources around the world, the connections can be excruciatingly slow -- on some shared lines, a mere 2,400 bits per second.
Given the previous version's tire problems, and the excruciatingly slow launch, sales were bound to be down.
Japanese rural voters are less receptive to change, and as a result, politicians tend to move excruciatingly slowly--too slowly to solve problems.