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To clear or excuse from guilt.

An individual who uses the excuse of justification to explain the lawful reason for his or her action might be exculpated from a criminal charge. Exculpatory evidence is evidence that works to clear an individual from fault.


verb absolve, absolve of fault, absolve of wrongdoing, acquit, clear, clear from a charge, clear from alleged guilt, clear from imputation of fault, declare guilttess, declare not guilty, dismiss, excusare, excuse, free, free from blame, give absolution to, justify, pardon, prove guiltless, prove not guilty, set free, vindicate, vindicate from unjust reproach
Associated concepts: exculpatory clause, exculpatory eviience, exculpatory statement, mitigation of damages
See also: absolve, acquit, clear, discharge, excuse, exonerate, extenuate, forgive, free, justify, liberate, palliate, purge, release, remit, vindicate
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reluctant to exculpate a landowner completely for acts of third parties
However, to the killer's undeserved rescue comes, among others, a noncritical-thinking Post columnist, Petula Dvorak, who, in just one irresponsible column ("Grandmother's Arrest More Proof of Mental-Health Care's Stigma Among Immigrants") exculpates the murderer of the baby, Virginia Tech killer Seung Hui Cho, and potentially any other murderer who acts abnormally before or after such an act.
For those who seek to exculpate Blomkamp by arguing that Nollywood trades in the same negative stereotypes, they've literally lost the plot: Nollywood films have a range of different Nigerian characters in them, including the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful.
Hatfield refers to the recrafting of the law as providing "permission to torture," the basis of a systematic policy rather than a legal brief designed to exculpate individuals caught in a moment of passion or even perceived necessity (p.
A designer of the Aegis system wrote to the Naval Institute Proceedings to exculpate his creation, saying, "Of course, it was never designed to deal with ambiguity.
DOES Dari Taylor think that by publishing her own expenses before the general release date she will somehow exculpate any hint of excess in her claims?
Although unacknowledged, the author's core interest is to exculpate himself, his family, and all ordinary Germans not only from any individual or collective guilt for but any association with the crimes committed in the Third Reich.
This is a film whose essential metaphorical thrust is to exculpate Nazi-era Germans from knowing complicity in the Final Solution," Contactmusic quoted Ron as writing in online magazine Slate.
It can be said that in the case of the minorities living on Romanian soil there has been achieved through political compromise, through reflexivity targeting the discords, delayed with hostility and internally unstable, an emancipation of the limits, whose future is uncertain and unpredictable, difficult to exculpate.
His admission at the weekend that it looks worse for us than at any time since the great freeze of the bitter economic winter of 1947-48 was as breathtaking as his attempt to exculpate the New Labour crew who remain on the bridge as we head for the icebergs.
European willingness to exculpate such criminality for a cash payment makes a mockery of its human rights rhetoric.
Lazar-Moore said the defense had failed to establish "a reasonable possibility" that the lost evidence would have tended to exculpate Mr.