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not waived; exculpated 37% n = 87 5% n = 12 23% n = 53
Total (waived, exculpated, 64% n = 148 18% n = 42 45% n = 106
not waived; exculpated 34% n = 17 0% n = 0 16% n = 8
63) Only if the merger was found not to be fair could the court then decide whether the directors were exculpated from monetary liability.
The plaintiffs' position was essentially a policy argument that the inherently interested nature of the merger was "inextricably intertwined with issues of loyalty[,]"and that loyalty violations cannot be exculpated.
For such a violation, the directors of companies with Section 102(b)(7) charter provisions are exculpated from monetary liability.
The report exculpated Tourism Minister Christon Tembo of corrupt practices in the granting of safari hunting licences in game-management areas and former Mines Minister Humphrey Mulemba, now Secretary-General of the National Party, of abuse of office.
This exculpated the Jews, especially in the light of I Corinthians 2:8, which says that "the Jews would never have crucified the Lord of glory, had they recognized him.
But they said in court I had nothing to do in the operation" to kill publicist Bubby Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito in November 2000 in a crime in which Lacson was earlier implicated but eventually exculpated by the Court of Appeals.
Put this situation down to our pompous politicians who are more concerned with their noses in the trough and that goes right down the line, for which the NWDA cannot be exculpated.
Like the discomfort he feels in the company of the Easterners, Morshauser feels a guilt vis-a-vis Africans and other Third World people whose countries he visits; for, although as a young postwar German he is exculpated from Germany's Nazi atrocities, he does recognize a responsibility for the atrocious conditions prevailing in today's Third World.