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Further, how is it that exculpated defendants can be excluded from the definition of "joint tortfeasors"?
Discussions of the expansion of DNA databases also highlighted some national differences between the Austrian and Portuguese convicts: the latter were more supportive of a universal DNA database (populated by all national citizens), as this would require the police to work harder and not just capture the "usual suspects" if crime scene DNA exculpated them at an early stage; conversely, the Austrians were less convinced of the benefits of a universal database, with links drawn to the stigma of being "marked for life" as a criminal becoming known to all citizenry.
The affirmative defense, first outlined in the Maine Liability Demonstration Project, allows physicians who follow a guideline to be exculpated outright.
Harrington, the Crown argued, claimed that he had done a deal with one of the interviewing officers from the Complaints Investigation Bureau, Detective Sergeant Garside, "to give an account which exculpated Mr Wall" from any accusations of corruption.
Director Richard Helms and National Security Advisor Walt Rostow on the debacle exculpated himself and blamed local commanders, who had been against the operation in the first place: one career diplomat who read it said, "It was the most dishonest piece of political-military reporting I had ever seen in my life."
The report exculpated Tourism Minister Christon Tembo of corrupt practices in the granting of safari hunting licences in game-management areas and former Mines Minister Humphrey Mulemba, now Secretary-General of the National Party, of abuse of office.
'Upon receipt of an official copy of the resolution, the DOTr will consult with the Office of the Solicitor General as it intends to pursue plunder charges against the indicted personalities, as well as include in the case other officials and personalities exculpated from the Resolution, in efforts to promote accountability and transparency,' Yebra said.
Dumaguete City - A businesswoman based in the town of Guinhulgan has been exculpated by the Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) from paying deficiency income and value-added taxes due to the Bureau of Internal Revenue's (BIR) improper procedure in conducting the examination of her books of accounts.
but who exculpated themselves from conviction or sanction by using their vast inherited wealth.
Like the discomfort he feels in the company of the Easterners, Morshauser feels a guilt vis-a-vis Africans and other Third World people whose countries he visits; for, although as a young postwar German he is exculpated from Germany's Nazi atrocities, he does recognize a responsibility for the atrocious conditions prevailing in today's Third World.