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To clear or excuse from guilt.

An individual who uses the excuse of justification to explain the lawful reason for his or her action might be exculpated from a criminal charge. Exculpatory evidence is evidence that works to clear an individual from fault.


verb absolve, absolve of fault, absolve of wrongdoing, acquit, clear, clear from a charge, clear from alleged guilt, clear from imputation of fault, declare guilttess, declare not guilty, dismiss, excusare, excuse, free, free from blame, give absolution to, justify, pardon, prove guiltless, prove not guilty, set free, vindicate, vindicate from unjust reproach
Associated concepts: exculpatory clause, exculpatory eviience, exculpatory statement, mitigation of damages
See also: absolve, acquit, clear, discharge, excuse, exonerate, extenuate, forgive, free, justify, liberate, palliate, purge, release, remit, vindicate
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firms that either waive or exculpate breaches of fiduciary duties (16 of
First, of the 75 firms that either waive or exculpate liability
accountability mechanisms--that is, both waive or exculpate liability
One theory regarding why many people are sanguine about the use of the insanity plea to exculpate felons is that only a tiny number of citizens directly are affected by such miscarriages of justice.
The court held that the "any and all claims" language in the lease was not sufficiently clear and unequivocal to exculpate the landlord from liability for his own negligence.
62) This factor strongly supports the conclusion that both parties intended to exculpate the alarm company.
Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit considered whether a limitation of liability and indemnification clause would exculpate a professional engineer from his own negligence.
299 (holding that release exculpates defendants from liability for negligence in failing to enforce buddy system).
A waiver of claims - Members waive claims against the company and against other members, except for willful misconduct; the company exculpates and indemnifies its members on the same basis.
Holdings will issue a written statement which exculpates InGlobalVest,
Screech exculpates Marot from any participation in the Affair of the Placards; the poet himself attributed the deed to "certain madmen [who] did the vilest things .