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Moreover, many courts have held that the corroboration requirement of Rule 804(b)(3) applies not only to statements exculpating the defendant, but to statements inculpating the defendant as well.
Its defense consisted of reliance on a clause in the lease rider exculpating landlord from such liability.
Authors Tifft and Rose fully reprise the years and the personalities in a smooth narrative, recounting the paper's successes and failures: the Bay of Pigs scoop that wasn't published; the Pentagon Papers; the uncritical coverage of and editorial support for Fidel Castro (curiously, the authors make no mention of reporter Walter Duranty's shilling for Stalin during the 1930s, exculpating the dictator from responsibility for the appalling famine he induced).
How in heaven's name could I recommend to the CEO that he provide me with a letter exculpating me from my professional responsibilities?
Because the problem is systemic rather than moral, it is no use to condemn corporate lobbies while exculpating the Sierra Club, the teachers' unions, or the trial lawyers.
9) Defenders of French Catholic institutions from Jean Bodin to JeanBaptiste Thiers, while acknowledging the reality of magicians sabotaging human reproductive powers, demonized and often feminized practitioners of the black arts, in the process shielding and exculpating a celibate male priesthood from public accusations of magical turpitude.
What is needed instead is a juvenile justice system that teaches young criminals responsibility for their behavior at every turn, rather than exculpating juveniles categorically until a final heinous act is committed.
4) Promise that son would not be charged if defendant gave statement exculpating son(40)
In more than one instance, the players' legal counsel offered the president the opportunity to view exculpating evidence, but he refused.
In addition, a general skepticism regarding claims of insanity as exculpating rhetoric permeated the country.
In 1999, days before Thompson was to be executed, an investigator hired by Morgan Lewis discovered that prosecutors had deliberately concealed blood evidence exculpating Thompson from the robbery charges.