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The defense focused particularly on exculpating him in the murder of two women, Debra Davis and Debra Hussey, arguing that former associate Stephen Flemmi had a personal motive to commit those murders.
He also accused the international community of condemning victims and exculpating offenders.
people of Uganda -- while exculpating the murderous military machine of
"On the other hand, there is an enormous temptation for liars to jump aboard a generous gravy train, or sometimes to invent allegations to settle old scores against fellow criminals, whilst exculpating their own friends.
Kostov, Chair of Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB), threatened GERB leader and Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, with alarming the European People Party (EPP) about Borisov's statements, exculpating Communist regime in Bulgaria.
"However, a stolen book is a stolen book, no matter how sincere an act of homage the theft was, and we don't deal in stolen books" "We thought there was an irresistible symmetry in exculpating Pinter's guilt by sponsoring some of her work," Mr Maggs said.
Most episodes were characterized by Mason's scintillating cross-examination of a prosecution witness who would often break down on the witness stand and confess to the crime thereby exculpating Mason's wrongly accused client.
One of the many achievements of this novel, with its mixture of toughness and generosity, is its ability to inhabit and roundly humanize Kovacs without exculpating or falsely ennobling him.
Nango is taking a working vacation, moonlighting as an investigator for attorney Sugiura (Tsurubei Shofukutei), hired by an unnamed client to dig up evidence exculpating condemned killer Toru Kihara (Kankuro Kudo).