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My hope is to keep people from never giving up on excurse and cooking."
20 Such a densely textured episode as "Excurse" has inevitably elicited a variety of readings - biblical, apocalyptic, yogic, psychanalytical, among others.
After Ursula throws the rings at Birkin in "Excurse" but returns with a flower, the narrator indicates: "Then a hot passion of tenderness for her filled his heart" (310).
are but a gesture we make." Just as Lawrence's language in "Excurse" points to an experience "that can never be transmuted into mind content" (320), so the language in dialogues becomes self-conscious, a series of moves in an ironic game in which words flourish but the text seems aware of their merely gestural function.
with a vague inscrutable smile on his lips' following his anal intercourse with Ursula in the 'Excurse' chapter of The Rainbow.
These are quasi-religious paradoxes that can only be resolved in a state of natural grace such as the lovers achieve in "Excurse." An effort of will is needed to resist the inertia of the fall, yet letting-go is the only way to recover spontaneity.
They are able to achieve this equilibrium only after their cathartic argument in the "Excurse" chapter, where Birkin comes out of the shell of his isolation, and where Ursula loses her vampire thirst for unspeakable intimacies.
Marshall (New York: Crossroads, 1989), 501; "Excurse IV," in Hermeneutik II, vol.
Her recovery from deathlike withdrawal in "Sunday Evening," and the breakthrough of "Excurse" with Birkin, lead to "paradise regained"; her experience typologically "identif[ies] her with the redemptive pattern for the 'new Eve' even while developing in her the instinctive qualities of the 'old Eve'" (Hyde, The Risen Adam, 110).
An official of Civil Defence on condition of anonymity told The Nation that department is spearheading several measures against the fire eruption cases in city, including giving triaging to schools and arranging mock excurses.
Second, the excurses, while informative, fall flat and are not integrated into their propositions.
(29) These entomological excurses are thus exercises aligned with