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After the introduction and ah overview of Campanian volcanoes, the chapters follow a strict chronological order and are interspersed with excurses in boxes and 101 illustrations.
Despite Halmi's promise at the opening of the study to deal "strictly" with the symbol as a "theoretical construct whose purpose was not to describe objects of perception but to condition the perception of those objects" (1), it's often unclear how his numerous excurses on diverse topics are related to this idea.
These excurses help to form a "thick" description of Brancaccio as courtier.
Beginning with an excurses on the rebirth of the historical novel in the likes of Consolo and Sciascia as authors of the archetypes ('opere architestuali" [171]) of the neohistorical novel, Iovinelli sees this rebirth in Eco, in all four of his novels that appeared before the publication date of L'autore e il personaggio.
Thus, Rolin's account of the journey is full of excurses, meditations on the life of Congolese refugees in France, for instance, or on the impossibly vexed political history of the Congo itself.
Though there are excurses into Africa and Canada, the core of the account is devoted to Brazil (according to the editors, Brazil occupies "100 feuillets sur 167" [30] in the manuscript).
Staikos finds firmer ground in his lengthy descriptions of the Hellenistic libraries at Alexandria and Pergamum, and briefer excurses on the palace of Ai Khanoum in Bactria (modern-day Afghanistan) and the collegiate libraries of classical gymnasia.
Yet if Ross engaging prose does not quite match Kissinger's wit and repartee, his excurses about everything from top restaurants around the world to stories about his kids enliven what finally becomes a classical tale of a bellum interruptum, one that cannot be settled other than by absolute separation or the radical democratic reform of the Palestinians.
It offers a series of essays on Holy Terror, each of which deals with the subject from three successive perspectives: radical social criticism, excurses into church history, and biblical interpretation.
The best parts of the original works, debates among scholarly views, excurses on wider subjects, and synoptic evaluations, are absent in the Conservative single volume which, necessarily, runs to many hundreds of pages, especially since the large-print Biblical text is given prominence over any interpretations.
The articles themselves likewise extend in their styles from excurses on the state of theory and research today to the explication of a particular research problem.
Rabbinic commentaries on the Talmud with all their numerous super-commentaries, glosses and super-glosses, marginalia and excurses, etc.