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He wrote in Cook's Excursionist and Home and Foreign Tourist Advertiser in
After the revolution, preservationists, excursionists, and others sought to further their goals and began to work (or as she writes, "collaborate" [p.
Should there be a balky horse numbered with the excursionists, be sure it is the useful beau who drives him.
In Mansfield Park, such interactions foster the sense of confusion experienced by the excursionists.
This ranges from early examples of Aboriginal participation in the fur trade as it coalesced under the aegis of the Hudson's Bay Company, the plight of railway navvies constructing the three transcontinental roads that traversed Alberta, coal miners, teachers, agricultural labourers and harvest excursionists.
49) It is possible to imagine him there, conspicuous by his height and his long black soutane, strolling slowly through the crowds of excursionists, often in company with fellow priests.
Because culinary excursionists undoubtedly are drawn to Maine for a taste of the state's signature crustacean.
Our selections appeal to just about any traveler from first-time excursionists to seasoned globetrotters," Issaurat said.
In una pubblicita per il Garibaldi Fund, pubblicata nel Daily News di Londra dell'11 settembre 1860, De Rohan sollecito apertamente per maggiori fondi per gli excursionists per Garibaldi.
No one, from emperors to excursionists, likes to be naked in public.
There are day trippers, picnickers, excursionists and coach parties, with tartan blankets, jugs of Pimms and supermarket quiches, and they're here for a non-purist day out at a track that knows its market.