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16) That year, Cook fully expected Rome to be declared the capital of Italy, as he wrote in an 1870 article in Cook' s Excursionist and Home and Foreign Tourist Advertiser:
After the revolution, preservationists, excursionists, and others sought to further their goals and began to work (or as she writes, "collaborate" [p.
Some black excursionists, such as a 300-pound woman or a wizened man alleged to be a century old, were ogled by townspeople and tourists as if they were freaks.
Should there be a balky horse numbered with the excursionists, be sure it is the useful beau who drives him.
If he ever visited Sicily, the island of his agrarian fancies, he did so only as an excursionist.
Excursionist A temporary visitor staying less than 24 hours in a country.
Like his cockney excursionist in Vanity Fair, Thackeray is 'a lover of human nature rather than of prospects of any kind'.
And so, as seven tourist buses made their way out of Bacolod City and out into the still vast and expansive sugarlands of Negros on the morning of the second day, the sun came out and cheered the excursionists who were only too happy to bask in the hot and humid climate.
The Americans among the excursionists found themselves wholly unable to agree with this interpretation.
Thompson & Allen Seager, "Bringing In the Sheaves: The Harvest Excursionists, 1890-1928," Canadian Historical Review 58, 4 (1978): 467-498; John H.
The forestry department also called on excursionists to avoid throwing matches and cigarette butts while in the countryside and that lighting a fire for barbecues is allowed only in the designated areas within organised picnic areas.
These were tourist excursionists whom the Spanish UN officers named "the Japanese," after a commonplace racial stereotype.