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Excursionists are same-day visitors and do not stay overnight in a province or municipality.
Main features: the objective of this study is: - to estimate, by territory, the current level of response in terms of tourism mobility with regard to the needs and expectations of customers staying and excursionists (technical solutions, level of service, pricing, information, ticketing) ..) - to establish a realistic and hierarchical action plan allowing each isre community to implement or support the implementation of mobility solutions adapted to the problems of its territory.
BALANGA CITY, Bataan -- Owing to its accessibility from Metro Manila, Clark and Subic, Bataan has generated about 1.2 million excursionists and tourists in 2017.
Others agreed with Keeler: "The next time that I go to Cuba, I am going with a party of excursionists." (34)
Among his topics are romancing the stones: the Enlightenment invention of the Pyrenees, visions of the picturesque: the romantic Pyrenees, the railway age and the coming of mass tourism: 1853-1914,making the nation: cyclists and excursionists, dangerous borderlands 1936-45, the death of Cannelle and the green Pyrenees, and the Pyrenees today.
Such utilizations of the overall defined film tourism is clarified as visitation of excursionists and tourists as a consequence of the screening of the places on TV or cinema platforms (Hudson & Ritchie, 2005; 2006).
And so, as seven tourist buses made their way out of Bacolod City and out into the still vast and expansive sugarlands of Negros on the morning of the second day, the sun came out and cheered the excursionists who were only too happy to bask in the hot and humid climate.
Data of the Turkish National Police show that the number of arriving foreigners hit 4,658,463, including 52,776 (or 1.13 percent) excursionists, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism reported on Friday.
Thompson & Allen Seager, "Bringing In the Sheaves: The Harvest Excursionists, 1890-1928," Canadian Historical Review 58, 4 (1978): 467-498; John H.
The Americans among the excursionists found themselves wholly unable to agree with this interpretation." (82)
These were tourist excursionists whom the Spanish UN officers named "the Japanese," after a commonplace racial stereotype.
The Temple of August is also the headquarters of the Barcelona Excursionists Centre.