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These were tourist excursionists whom the Spanish UN officers named "the Japanese," after a commonplace racial stereotype.
At least, with the silver not glowing like gold among for these certified excursionists in the national sporting hierarchy, the new PSC chief wasted no time and declared a total reformation program, anchored on the establishment of a well-equipped, proficiently staffed national sports academy.
The Temple of August is also the headquarters of the Barcelona Excursionists Centre.
ISLAMABAD -- The tourist hill spot of Ayubia, perched at a height of about 8,000 feet and a virtual paradise for summer-weary excursionists in particular, has temporarily closed its Jewel in the Crown attraction.
They are shut out from public view; great libraries are collected, shut up for a century or two in cases defended by wire lattices, and are exhibited on a certain day in the week to crowds of excursionists, who pass through the family library ignorant of its content and astounded at its extent.
Significantly, this ontological disorder is provoked when the excursionists inhabit the landscape, so to speak, when, that is, they are portrayed as encountering actual plants, trees, and earth rather than viewing them from afar.
Steam boats dropped excursionists off on the Island from the early decades ofthe 19th century.
In another incident in Cavite, grief gripped a group of Seventh Day Adventist excursionists when one of their members drowned during their "Palarong Bayan" mass swimming activity game in the bay in Maragondon town last Friday.
49) It is possible to imagine him there, conspicuous by his height and his long black soutane, strolling slowly through the crowds of excursionists, often in company with fellow priests.
Because culinary excursionists undoubtedly are drawn to Maine for a taste of the state's signature crustacean.
Indeed, when tourists or excursionists visit attractions too inundated by visitors cannot benefit of an enjoyable culture experience and feel disappointed in the quality of the offer (Origet du Cluzeau, 2000).