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A year wise comparison of the prevalence of TMD's was not done, however they did divide their sample age wise into two groups (20 years) and found that a significant difference in mean scores was reported for the items pertaining to lateral excursive movements of the mandible, neck pain and self reported nervousness.
Once the traces are studied for occluding time and discluding time details, the occlusal interferences in excursive mandibular movements are eliminated such as all Class I to III interferences described by Glickman.
The author's treatment of Abraham remains fragmentary and excursive rather than exploring the deeper level of relationship between the sending God and the sent Abraham for Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
It is within the framework of this fifth stage of Fanonian studies that this excursive examination of the relationship between African-centered psychology and Fanonian psychology is situated.
The fiction of the other on the contrary is shackled with a thousand restraints; is checked in her most rapid progress by the barriers of reason; and bounded in her most excursive flights by the limits of probability.
(215-16) As is frequently the case in Frost, "A Boundless Moment" is both an anecdote about an excursion and the excursive happening itself.
The H-Canada academic mailing list, a part of the well-known H-Net network, features the sort of messages that might be expected of such a list: conference announcements, job listings, enquiries as to the state of scholarship on gender in Manitoba and, periodically, excursive discussions of the state of Canadian studies.
The Turkish is richly worked, beautifully textured and nuanced, excursive and peculiarly labyrinthine in weaving its cerebral narratives.
Companion, of the muse, excursive power, IMAGINATION!
It's impressionistic, excursive reportage--centering on a dozen or so interviews--that is knowing and intimate but occasionally marred by subtly questionable assumptions." STEPHANIE GIRY
You may imagine how wild we were & excursive in our talk.