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A year wise comparison of the prevalence of TMD's was not done, however they did divide their sample age wise into two groups (20 years) and found that a significant difference in mean scores was reported for the items pertaining to lateral excursive movements of the mandible, neck pain and self reported nervousness.
Follow-up visits showed that, after reduction, the pre-treatment levels of excursive muscular hyperactivity were lessened.
Alternatively, in the highly fragmented habitats typical of the whitetail's range, excursive behaviors would be risky as deer are exposed to unfamiliar open areas and highways.
Companion, of the muse, excursive power, IMAGINATION
It's impressionistic, excursive reportage--centering on a dozen or so interviews--that is knowing and intimate but occasionally marred by subtly questionable assumptions.
You may imagine how wild we were & excursive in our talk.
There are three types of centripetal procession: royal, convoluted, and excursive.
After adducing the evidence, which his extensive reading readily furnished, and elucidating it by his luminous explanations, and applying the logical tests with cautious judgment and impartial rigour, his excursive mind brought in a rich and almost gorgeous profusion of analogies and illustrations from every part of the wide domains of human knowledge.
In the higher end of the excursive or psychorrhagic spectrum Myers speculated on the possibility of ecstasy, or the entrance to a spiritual world and to "communities higher than any which this planet knows" (Vol.
Costello's reading confronts archetypal images with excursive sight, and thus, for her, the images from the Bible are impersonal, archetypal and cold, in opposition to Bishop's own experience, which is fragmented, chaotic, and colorfully alive (1991: 132-36).
While Ruskin had attempted to promote a form of excursive sight that might take account of the suffering of ruined and picturesque figures, Stevenson's essays force middle-class readers to rum their gaze back upon themselves.
Heredia, in an intimately excursive stanza from his poem 'Niagara', and Marti, at the beginning of his confessional book, had also used the palma to represent Cuba during the long colonial period.