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Dentro de los excursus podemos encontrar referencias a autores clasicos--Hesiodo, Horacio, Virgilio--a literatura medieval--El Cid--, literatura espanola de la epoca--La Celestina, El Quijote--y libros del Antiguo Testamento, siendo estos ultimos uno de lo mas desarrollados referenciados en a lo largo de la obra.
La prima parte, "Ieri, le radici," dedicata al passato, si apre con un breve ma sapiente excursus di Nicoletta Maraschio che tenta di riassumere i fattori che hanno contribuito a creare le radici dell'italiano attuale, partendo dal Convivio e dal De vulgari eloquentia di Dante fino alla "lingua tetto" del Cinquecento, quando, per la prima volta, si comincia ad adottare liberamente la lingua italiana.
102-8; the main doctrinal and apologetic concerns of Mimamsa are dealt with in excursus III and IV); the Vedanta(s) of Gaudapada, Sankara, riharsa, and Vijrianabhiksu (pp.
Voss's excursus on Piscator is more than a lesson in political events of the twentieth century and their reflection in politically engaged art, however.
The whole of chapter 4 is basically such an excursus, a tour de force invented from a melange of Xenophon, Strabo, Pliny the Elder, and the author's imagination.
With the first excursus, Van Duzer summarizes and applies the Niebuhrian typology of Christ and culture to business.
His introduction includes an excursus on Kenya and discusses the prehistory and biotechnology for the poor.
The reader should be disabused of any presumption that an excursus is digressive.
They include here a nice excursus on early Christian rhetoric before turning to theories of attitude change.
Many chapters have an excursus or investigation of a relevant topic, sometimes the previous work done by earlier scholars.
His excursus through the Stirling archive produces old photographs (Colquhoun at the Maisons Jaoul], doodles (Dusseldorf on the back of tickets to Chandigarh), lecture notes from early days at Yale and Stirling's own thesis [1950] for a civic centre in County Durham.
Here Elden provides a detailed analysis of an overlooked excursus that Heidegger introduces into his lecture course on Plato's Sophist.