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He looked, as he spoke, to the seat which Mrs Clay had been lately occupying: a sufficient explanation of what he particularly meant; and though Anne could not believe in their having the same sort of pride, she was pleased with him for not liking Mrs Clay; and her conscience admitted that his wishing to promote her father's getting great acquaintance was more than excusable in the view of defeating her.
'Now,' he thought to himself, with an excusable sense of triumph, 'let the whole family come here if they like!
Bob Jakin was with him, come to congratulate "the old master," not without some excusable pride that he had had his share in bringing about Mr.
It may make many things intelligible and excusable which now are not to be understood.
After favouring them with some heads of that discourse, he remarked that he considered the subject of the day's homily, ill-chosen; which was the less excusable, he added, when there were so many subjects "going about."
"I hope a little insincerity, when meant to act as chloroform--to save a woman from feeling a wound to her vanity--is excusable. By-the-bye, I must send a couple of telegrams from the first post-office we pass.
Nothing can be excusable especially things like sexual assault and the only punishment they deserve is death."
It said: "Taken alone, it might have been excusable as a one-off occurrence, perhaps due to jetlag or a packed schedule.
Even though people pay toll taxes that the authorities collect for the maintenance of the roads and highways, the poor quality of roads is not excusable. Moreover, the numbers of damaged roads are increasing day by day.
The rise of Islamist terrorism has allowed far too many people to convince themselves that Islamophobia can be an excusable form of racism.
The creditor may file a claim after the bar date, but must be prepared to argue that its failure to file a timely claim was due to excusable neglect.
He denied acting with manifest partiality, or gross excusable negligence in receiving the amount.