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Excusal mattered in the free speech context, see W.
the defendant requested excusal from the United States Army by claiming
2d 1091, 1092 (197s) (discussing the excusal of Slack's white coworker Murphy), with Galdieri-Amhrosini, 136 F.
For example, the Texas Administrative Code states that the IEP committee shall include a representative from CITE, preferably the teacher, when considering initial or continued placement of a student in a CTE program, unless federal conditions regarding excusal have.
As part of the new plans, those aged 70 to 75 who are summoned would be expected to serve unless granted discretionary excusal.
These veterans deserve our compassion and our help, but not our knee-jerk excusal of their wildly inappropriate behaviors.
Holding that the excusal of an accused from physical presence at trial should not become the rule, the Appeals Chamber unanimously reversed the Trial Chamber's decision of 18 June 2013, which granted a conditional excusal for William Samoei
66) At this point, even if the SJC detects sufficient evidence of coercion present to justify the excusal of the defendant's criminal conduct, nothing can be done.
85) And, the core disjunction in the concept of board liability persists: the excusal of errors and bad judgments is something we do not see in other areas of law.
As the Mothers continued to express their fears and concerns over light sentences or excusal under "Due Obedience," they also experienced harsh criticism by leading newspapers.
Justin says: Unless someone is disqualified, has the right to be excused or has a valid reason for discretionary excusal, then they must attend for jury service.
255 Statewide Grand Jury[begin strikethrough]: Compilation of Lists; Excusal of Prospective Jurors[end strikethrough] (a) Procedure (b) Population (c) Excuses [begin strikethrough]2.