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On the way to the Supreme Court the first time, the state statute was amended to allow excusal.
Whether the specific circumstances of an individual's actions warrant the excusal of those actions is primarily a question of reasonableness, not morality.
85) And, the core disjunction in the concept of board liability persists: the excusal of errors and bad judgments is something we do not see in other areas of law.
As the Mothers continued to express their fears and concerns over light sentences or excusal under "Due Obedience," they also experienced harsh criticism by leading newspapers.
McCullough argued that Johnson's counsel waived the right to a new trial by failing to investigate Mims' litigation history prior to the excusal of alternate jurors, as the information was readily available for review during the trial through Case.
The issue of the constitutionality of the pledge, with its "under God" phrase and with state variations in terms of providing parental involvement in excusal, continues not to be entirely settled.
In the case at bar, Respondent included an advisory concerning excusal of the late provision of notice of claim but instead of using the words 'will be excused,' wrote 'may be excused.
Parents' claims that a state action violates both parental substantive due process rights and free exercise rights generally fall into three categories: "suits for exemption from compulsory education laws, demands for the removal of offensive materials, and claims to a constitutional right of excusal.
Several decisions address the use of questionnaires as the basis for excusal prior to voir dire in criminal cases, differentiating between capital and non-capital cases.
Justin says: Unless someone is disqualified, has the right to be excused or has a valid reason for discretionary excusal, then they must attend for jury service.
And this is why general aviation has enjoyed a nearly three-decade excusal from finding another fuel that doesn't contain lead.
All applications for excusal should be dealt with sensitively and sympathetically and the trial judge should always seek to meet the interests of justice without unduly inconveniencing any juror