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In a smaller pool, hardship excusals can become more valuable and harder to achieve, creating stricter initial criteria for juror removal.
Beyond asking careful and strategic questions that introduce reasons the juror should not be excused, consider pursuing a Court instruction that informs jurors that not all circumstances result in hardship excusals, and jurors should not hold it against any of the attorneys for doing their best to achieve an impartial jury panel.
Therefore, parents agreeing to such excusals might want to request the written input far enough in advance of the meeting to allow for careful review and, if necessary, to revoke the consent for excusal if the input is insufficient or if, after reviewing the input, the parents feel that the member should, in fact, attend the IEP Team meeting.
2) Ask that any requests for excusals be provided at the same time as the meeting notice;
Requests for excusals and deferrals should be written and
A long-time hurdle to jury diversification has been the excusal of
Having all requests for excusal that relate to illness or disability be referred to a judge who should confer with the court's ADA coordinator.
Thus, implied bias picks up where actual bias drops off because the facts are unknown, unreachable, or principles of fairness nonetheless warrant excusal.
180) Judge Baker offered three considerations that support excusal of members in close cases, the most compelling of which was the conclusion that "appellate review of member challenges is an ungainly, if not impractical, tool to uphold and reinforce the importance" of RCM 912.
There were also more members to track for excusals.
Logistically, they stated that the collection of member questionnaires required more paralegal work, and the process of notifying panel members and processing excusals caused vice orders to come in at the last minute.
61) This guidance might appear to suggest that Army managers are limited in their ability to grant such excusals (62)--a view of the fifty-nine-minute rule that some non-Army sources also seem to share.