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Tulkinghorn, excusing himself for this slip of the tongue by saying to Judy, "I was thinking of your grandmother, my dear.
He went off laughing, excusing himself on the score of business.
He stayed but a little while, excusing himself on the ground that he had a cold; and Mary did not reappear before he left the house.
To be sure, she did not mind noise, but she simply would not have them grabbing things, and then excusing themselves by saying that Tootles had pushed their elbow.
I have no strength left,' said Nikita as though excusing himself.
Too bashful to stay and be praised," began Charlie, excusing the peculiarities of his chief as in duty bound.
I said nothing more on the subject, however, at the time, and but little on any other; for, finding I could not well recover my equanimity, I presently rose and took leave, excusing myself under the plea of business at the farm; and to the farm I went, not troubling my mind one whit about the possible truth of these mysterious reports, but only wondering what they were, by whom originated, and on what foundations raised, and how they could the most effectually be silenced or disproved.
That would never do, I'm sure,' said Alice: 'the governess would never think of excusing me lessons for that.
Osborne broke out into a rhapsody of self-praise and imprecations;-- by the first, excusing himself to his own conscience for his conduct; by the second, exaggerating the undutifulness of George.
He tried all the ways possible to come at her again, and wrote the most passionate letters to her in the world, excusing his former rashness; and in short, by great application, obtained leave to wait on her again, as he said, to clear his reputation.