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On top of the initial confusion, the elaborate gothic house is run down, the food is execrable (unless you happen to be a dung beetle or a fly, as are two of the guests) and the staff turn out to be actors hired (unlucky them) for the weekend by an unknown employer.
Au milieu des centaines d'Irakiens revenus au pays apres un periple de 850 km dans des autocars bondes, Khaled al-Jaouadi, analyse: "La situation en Syrie est vraiment execrable.
The BHC verdict in the case further said that we expect that the Government of Balochistan while realizing the impact, abominable, execrable, inauspicious, illegal, unfortunate and un-Islamic business shall soon take steps way of making legislation to curb this social evil and eliminate this menace from our society.
Despite getting off on the wrong emotional foot, the production recovers once these hard-working thesps begin to throw themselves into their roles for the execrable shows in the company repertory.
And don't forget that you'll need to find something to watch the only option right now is the execrable animated movie monsters vs.
It is designed for a large cast across a wide spread of ages, with at least 25 speaking parts, and children will have plenty of fun with it, especially the execrable verbal humour and the slapstick.
Her child has just won, by lottery, a slot at North Star Academy Charter School and thus escaped the state's expensive, execrable public school system.
Over the festive period we've become glumly resigned to municipalities bringing seasonal 'cheer' to public spaces, usually involving execrable lighting displays and/or piped muzak.
For every masterpiece such as Pixar's Up, there are far too many duds&Will Ferrell's execrable Land Of The Lost anyone?
Paris Hilton's British Best Friend, which is possibly the most execrable piece of television I've ever seen in my life.
Lo ominoso es, segun el DRAE, lo <<azaroso, de mal aguero, abominable, vitando (1)>>; es tambien lo odioso y execrable.
Along with reduced cost (perhaps) and better distribution (also, perhaps), the editors had to deal with rapidly evolving technology, finding alternative forms of funding besides subscriptions and dealing with unqualified authors of execrable manuscripts.