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Gladstone who [has been] the author and upholder of Russian sympathies in England," and he reminds his readers that Gladstone once execrably pronounced himself to have had "no fear .
In 1995, for example, Keith Jenkins explicitly attempted to displace the duo with a postmodernist challenge, the execrably written On "What is History?
Charmingly danced, prettily staged and execrably sung, it is the sort of production that fatigues one intolerably, and yet somehow cannot be entirely passed over.
Here, for example, having suffered reproduction on beer-mats, tea-towels, aprons, key-rings and toilet seat covers, Van Gogh's Sunflowers is execrably extrapolated into three dimensions in the form of a pair of automatic gates.
Such beliefs, though we may argue that they are execrably flawed, cannot be written off as simply "irrational" or "illogical"; for no matter how inconsistent they may be across individuals or historical epochs, they are, in fact, consistent and logical within each individual's conceptual framework.
The most popular work of versification by far among those written by colonists was Michael Wigglesworth's <IR> DAY OF DOOM </IR> (1662), an execrably written tract on damnation, the government of hell, and allied horrors.
Holman Hunt has two execrably tasteless exhibits, both of which pieces of lurid kitsch are reproduced.
While his second outing behind the camera is better than the execrably dull The Proprietor, even the most devoted of their admirers would have to agree that Ismail Merchant should stick to producing and cookery books and leave the directing to partner James Ivory.