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Both Lambert's wives, whenever they did not execrate him, adored him.
Americans execrate ''outsourcing,'' which supposedly involves sending ''American jobs'' overseas.
The author tends to loathe his own writing and to execrate his reviewing work, or so he claims).
The French might execrate all politicians but, as good republicans, they have fought for the right to vote and see no reason why living abroad should be a disqualification.
All that is merciful and just on earth and in Heaven will execrate and despise this edict of Taney.
For upon his refusal to swear to Caesar's fortune and execrate Christ, Polycarp tries for a reasoned discussion about his faith with the governor: "If you wish to learn the doctrine of Christianity fix a day and listen.
George Gilder cited Mauss's thesis in Wealth and Poverty (1980) to maintain the essential altruism of capitalism, which Long and York execrate.
So it is their custom to deride, bewail, berate them, or, if their purpose is to appear more zealous than others, to execrate them.
Why execrate the dozing operator or the forgetful engineer, rather than the superiors who exact the long hours that incapacitate for duty?