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Just as McConnell's opponent in this year's Kentucky Republican primary execrated McConnell's finest hour, Kashkari's primary opponent deplored Kashkari's role as administrator of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).
The last named are unrecognized in the Constitution, are execrated by all except those whose interests they represent, and have continued to flourish since the dawn of the republic.
The language should be encouraged and people who cannot speak the language shouldn't be execrated for it by other people as this will cause isolation and friction between the two groups and that will get us nowhere.
381), execrated the neo-classical monumentality of St.
Thye were ryvyled, mocked, stocked, racked, execrated, condemned, and murthered, as is sayd afore.
Il divo (The Idol, 2008) drew a vitriolic portrait of Giulio Andreotti, probably the most famous, feared, admired, and execrated Italian statesman, seven times prime minister, accused of collusion with the Mafia and conspiracy against the republic.
To such a line of thinking it is often the case either that digital forms of education are execrated, because it is believed that direct body to body interaction, which is obviously lacking, is in itself educationally relevant.
1796) ("Let us not delude the world, by impressing an opinion, that we have arrived at the summit of perfection in government and laws,--when so many glaring evils are profusely scattered around,--when the law's delay--the expense of justice--and the insolence of office, are as much to be complained of, in most of the American States, as under the much execrated systems of Europe.
Maugham's last years were disgraceful or depressing, depending on whether one regards him as mentally stable and on how far Alan Searle and Lord Beaverbrook pushed him into writing Looking Back, universally execrated by his friends and enemies in the world of letters.
And it shall come to pass, that the memory of those sordid and wicked wretches who opposed such improvements, will be execrated, by every good man, as they ought to be now.
Another sea-change is the appearance of young scholars from the empire's other successor states, where the Ottoman past was for decades execrated.