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Treville said to himself: "If the cardinal has set this young fox upon me, he will certainly not have failed--he, who knows how bitterly I execrate him--to tell his spy that the best means of making his court to me is to rail at him.
Instead of a rude mixture of sailors, soldiers, and those belonging to the humblest grade of life, the present assembly was composed of the very flower of Marseilles society, -- magistrates who had resigned their office during the usurper's reign; officers who had deserted from the imperial army and joined forces with Conde; and younger members of families, brought up to hate and execrate the man whom five years of exile would convert into a martyr, and fifteen of restoration elevate to the rank of a god.
Upon my life,' says Mortimer languidly, 'I find it immensely embarrassing to have the eyes of Europe upon me to this extent, and my only consolation is that you will all of you execrate Lady Tippins in your secret hearts when you find, as you inevitably will, the man from Somewhere a bore.
It is an odd belief, for it is neither Islamic (which emphasises personal responsibility on earth and execrates miracles and magic) nor is it indigenous to the area.
The Chief Priest execrates Traherne: 'Nuk Nuk Thanshai, Feringhi Thanshai' (No, no, devil, foreign devil).
13) The connection strongly suggests that while the poet-critic would doubtless be foremost among those whom the later Baxter execrates as 'cheese-headed ladder climber[s]', it was Eliot who provided the basis of Baxter's juvenile critique of his grandfather, Professor Macmillan Brown: an unpublished poem in fact entitled 'Wisdom and Knowledge' (pp.