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For instance, he might have situated his project in relation to vibrant conversations regarding early modern satire, mourning, revenge, and even disease--many of which investigate the power of execration.
Execration or XCTN, which was the sole Asian representative to StarLadder Xan international Local Area Network (LAN) tournament in Ukrainegot eliminated by Team Malaysia in the first round of the loser's bracket.
ruslaml-am (Targumic Aramaic), 'urislem / 'orislem (Syriac), r( )w-u-s( )l-m-m (Egyptian Execration texts), ierousalem (Greek), Hierusalem (Latin).
It seemed that birds maintained under different 4-phase feeding might have fulfilled their nutritional requirements at particular age which reduced nitrogen execration and improved broiler performance by showing their maximum genetic potential (Pope and Emmert 2001).
Poem 43, 'An Execration upon Vulcan' offers a case in point: on one page, fourteen lines of poetry are supplemented by eighteen lines of notes in two columns and a further twenty lines of variants.
It may be that Jeremiah's execration of Jehoiakim, who had an ignominious burial (Jer.
Hindsight may desire that we should, for the Flavian line came to an end in ignominy and execration.
Apart from the guided hunting groups, they also offer unguided Duck hunting for the more experienced hunters who wish to experience the execration and the satisfaction of hunting on their own.
Theoretically this finding can be explain by the effect of two vitamins on calcium homeostasis vitamin D acts as an inducer of bone resorption and thus higher intake may result in increased turnover and increased urinary calcium execration.
The road to recovery can be measured in exclamations, some of execration, some of joy.
Cher lecteur, en guise d'introduction, je vous avoue que je n'ai aucun respect pour l'auteur et que je n'eprouve a son egard que mepris et execration.