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For instance, he might have situated his project in relation to vibrant conversations regarding early modern satire, mourning, revenge, and even disease--many of which investigate the power of execration.
For all to be accomplished, for me to feel less lonely, all that remained to hope was that on the day of my execution there should be a huge crowd of spectators and that they should greet me with howls of execration."
Nephrotic range 3 as defined as proteinuria when urinary execration of protein was more than 3.5 grams/24 hours and non-nephrotic proteinuria when it was less than 3.5 grams/24 hours.
the city was mentioned again in the early Egyptian Execration texts of the 2nd millennium BCE (Posner 1940:31-34) and archaeologically, besides the impressive rampart, imports from the Lebanese coast as well as from Cyprus were found in situ mainly during the excavations directed by Moshe Dothan on the summit of the tell and in and around the early 2nd millennium city gate (Dothan 1976; Dothan and Raban 1990; Artzy and Beeri 2010; Beeri 2008).
Liberty is the Basis, and whoever would dare to sap the foundation, or overturn the Structure, under whatever specious pretexts he may attempt it, will merit the bitterest execration, and the severest punishment which can be inflicted by his injured Country.
The inexorable reprobation to which socialists have been subjected and their execration by the public-at-large has less to do with a willful ignorance than with a terrifyingly motivated ignorance created through the decades by the corporate media, a learned ignorance that Chomsky famously coined as "manufacturing consent." This has led over time to an instinctive repugnance toward socialism and a knee-jerk anti-Marxism.
It seemed that birds maintained under different 4-phase feeding might have fulfilled their nutritional requirements at particular age which reduced nitrogen execration and improved broiler performance by showing their maximum genetic potential (Pope and Emmert 2001).
For the former; the precious blood of Christ streaming out of his side is the onely mundifying water in the world, to wash the soule from the guilt of sinne, and to scowre away all the execration of sinne from the sight of God....
Poem 43, 'An Execration upon Vulcan' offers a case in point: on one page, fourteen lines of poetry are supplemented by eighteen lines of notes in two columns and a further twenty lines of variants.
It may be that Jeremiah's execration of Jehoiakim, who had an ignominious burial (Jer.
Hindsight may desire that we should, for the Flavian line came to an end in ignominy and execration. But the desire must remain unfulfilled.
Apart from the guided hunting groups, they also offer unguided Duck hunting for the more experienced hunters who wish to experience the execration and the satisfaction of hunting on their own.