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So with a muttered execration I left the fellow to his fate, and clapping spurs to my own horse, galloped away, excited by a combination of feelings it would not be easy to analyse; and perhaps, if I did so, the result would not be very creditable to my disposition; for I am not sure that a species of exultation in what I had done was not one principal concomitant.
The crowd had been hushed during these few moments, watching his motions and doubtful of his purpose, but the instant they perceived it and knew it was defeated, they raised a cry of triumphant execration to which all their previous shouting had been whispers.
``How?'' exclaimed the Templar; ``deliver up our prisoners, and stand an object alike of ridicule and execration, as the doughty warriors who dared by a night-attack to possess themselves of the persons of a party of defenceless travellers, yet could not make good a strong castle against a vagabond troop of outlaws, led by swineherds, jesters, and the very refuse of mankind?
Felton only expressed, with regard to the duke, the feeling of execration which all the English had declared toward him whom the Catholics themselves called the extortioner, the pillager, the debauchee, and whom the Puritans styled simply Satan.
It smells like a brewery.' Issie left her colleague to her execrations, shutting the inner door.
generations shall load their memories with incessant execrations. On
On and on it goes, with ludicrous, Chicken Little, end-of-the-world predictions fused to anti-Trump execrations. The immigration-migration-refugee issue may be the only other topic that matches global warming for cranking up the Trump Derangement Syndrome to supernova intensity among globalists and true believers on the left.
and a whole volley of such-like execrations wishes; running up and down the room, and throwing up the sash, and pulling it down, and smiting his forehead with his double fist, with such force would as would have felled an ox, and stamping and tearing ...
"What a triumph for the actor, Shaw exclaims, thus to reduce the jaded London journalist to the condition of the simple sailor in the Wapping gallery, who shouts execrations at Jago and warnings to Othello not to believe him!" (Mrs.
We appeal to the all the Muslims to be alert and very vigilant so that these execrations do not invade our society to cause chaos and mayhem in our peaceful Sri Lanka - Specifically those Producers of Muslim and Islamic Religious and Social Programmes in both Radio and Television Media should be very carefully observant and attentive - on the lookout for possible danger by artistes who may try to express themselves by speeches of inflammatory nature.
Le Thesaurus Latinae Linguae distingue essentiellement deux sens: d'une part, un sens strict, religieux ("fatal, sinistre, annoncant une calamite, de mauvais augure"), employe a propos des presages, des imprecations, des incantations, des execrations, ou applique aux divinites ou creatures funestes, surtout en rapport avec les Enfers (l'adjectif qualifie toute une serie de divinites effrayantes et negatives, Circe, la Necessite, Jupiter, Charon, Tisiphone, Gradivus, les Manes, les Parques, Cupidon, le Styx, Megere, les Furies) ; d'autre part, un sens plus large ("abominable, atroce, terrible"), dans lequel les notions de nuisance et de terreur prevalent.
Newgate, whether by contrast or synecdoche, is then equated with executions and the execrations directed against the condemned.